Pictures, hooray!

From Blanket of Doom

First, an exciting picture of the Blanket of Doom, in progress, as it is now. It’s pretty silly. I’m mid-row, right now, and I have to finish the scarf before I can continue (I swear). I don’t like the picture very much, it’s not really impressive at all, but it looks nice close up, when my camera doesn’t suck so much.

I’m mid-row right now, and I can’t work on it until I finish J’s scarf (otherwise I won’t do the scarf at all, ever). Ah well.

That is my foot, bottom right. I have cats on my socks. XD

From Blanket of Doom

On another note, a close-up of the cabled block I’ve finished. I like it a lot, it looks way spiffy. It’s so so soft, too. I really like the Lion Brand Velvet Spun yarn. It’s so wonderful. I loves it.


From Blanket of Doom

And finally, the block that I haven’t finished, but will once I go to Michaels once I have money and buy the yarn. It’s pretty soft, and it doesn’t look like much of a pattern now, but it’s a nice one.

That’s all for now. Glad to have my camera back, anyway.




Christine Lavin is the most adorable woman evar. In the knitting circle of hilarity, everyone was like “WOW OMG BLANKET COOL” and J was like “Gah watch me knit I can’t do it waaahh!” It was a good time. I also won a CD prize for having the biggest freaking project there. She said, “This next one is for the largest project!” and all fifteenish women in the circle looked at me.

It was cute.

And now I’m avoiding my homework. I can’t buy yarn until next weekend (maybe), when I actually make some money. It’ll be good. Yay!

I made J promise he’d do his Calc when he got home. Now I’m being lazy. I have to go do it.

But I wanted to say hi.

Christine Lavin

I’m terrible at doing homework. >.Christine Lavin at the Gordon Center near J’s house on Saturday. And! I’m taking my knitting! She’s doing a knit-with-Christine type hour before the show, and I’m making J come with me and do a little knitting himself for his stupid Blanket of Doom. Damn thing. I’ll make him do something easy, maybe the moss stitch* one. That one’s easy.

At any rate, excited. I’m running out of yarn for the moss stitch, and I’ve run out for the cable, so I have to go buy stuff soon. And now I want to make socks, too, but I have to wait, dammit! One thing at a time. Except now I also have to repair J’s scarf, which had a breakdown in England. It was shocked by the cold or something. I could make him remake that himself on Saturday.

I’m so clever. =D

And I can give blood in April! Go me!

*moss stitch: block 24 of 32 in the BoD, which is a nice k2p2, k2p2, p2k2, p2k2 pattern.


Well, crap. I thought I had posted before, but no, my computer just hates me.

I just got back from Mexico last night, which was lovely. Mexico, that is, was very warm and sunny and colourful and Spanish-ful, and it was a lovely time, even for a school trip. I spent the week there going to school, actually, and doing the most heavily intensive Spanish-learning I’ve ever done (or really, want to do). It was cool, though; lots of good excursions.

But, whilst there, I realized that the Blanket of Doom was a ridiculous idea to try to knit all at once (gah, my brain), and so I started a block of a cabled pattern that has so far turned out very well. I’ve run out of Velvet Spun chenille, though, and so I need to finish the next 26 rows. They’re smallish rows, but cabling takes a lot more than straight knitting does. It looks really cool, though.

If I had a functional digital camera handy, I’d take pictures.

On the airplane home, I also started another block out of jeweled chenille, black/pink/purple/white/red/something. It’s very nice, and the pattern is simple, so it’s not like I’m upset that you can’t see it because of the exciting colours of the yarn. It’s nice. I like it. It’s easy to knit, too, so I should be finished my 95 rows soon. I’m on row 24, so… it’ll be a bit of knitting.

School starts on Wednesday again, though, so I’ll undoubtedly finish it by Friday. I’d be very dissapointed if otherwise.

The cats were very excited to see me home. Two of them had a minor feud over who got to sleep in the bed (I was flattered). The mice are happy, I think. I’ve only seen one come out so far today, but that’s how they usually work.

So, I’m all about failing trying to unpack right now, and tomorrow I get to go pick J up at the airport as he comes in from England. Yay! Excited!

I’ll try putting my shirts away again. >.


I don’t waste any time…

From Toys

Diamond, checking out Happy Bear. Happy Bear is a present for my cousin, but I haven’t given it to him yet. I’m taking Happy Bear tomorrow to Woolworks to show him off, so it’s actually good that I forgot him at home the last time we went to visit.

From Bits

Gloves I made for my father, modeled by the lovely Rebecca (not that you could tell). They came from a mietered mitten pattern that I adapted to make gloves. It worked out pretty well, but I got tired of them pretty fast, and had to force myself to finish them. They turned out nicely. I gave them, one finished and one half-made, to Dad for Christmas. He used them in the snow recently, and we’ve come to the conclusion that, while warm, they are not snow gloves. That didn’t stop him from throwing snow balls at me, but I digress, I’m sure. Hah.

From Bits

These make me pretty happy, though they have a hole and need some edging so they suck a little less. They’re awesome, though, and I wrote/made/faked the pattern. It was a lot of, “knit until you get bored and/or it’s the proper length.” I wish the wrists were longer, but Leah doesn’t seem to care. I have them back now, and I’m going to fix them up for her. But, yeah, they’re cool. Thumb cap and mitten cover. ^_^

That’s all. I haven’t pictures of Happy Octopus, the green/black scarf, or the Blanket now. My camera is getting fixed.

I’m going to Mexico in two days. Hopefully, there, I can finish the first set of blocks for the Blanket and show them off.