Well, crap. I thought I had posted before, but no, my computer just hates me.

I just got back from Mexico last night, which was lovely. Mexico, that is, was very warm and sunny and colourful and Spanish-ful, and it was a lovely time, even for a school trip. I spent the week there going to school, actually, and doing the most heavily intensive Spanish-learning I’ve ever done (or really, want to do). It was cool, though; lots of good excursions.

But, whilst there, I realized that the Blanket of Doom was a ridiculous idea to try to knit all at once (gah, my brain), and so I started a block of a cabled pattern that has so far turned out very well. I’ve run out of Velvet Spun chenille, though, and so I need to finish the next 26 rows. They’re smallish rows, but cabling takes a lot more than straight knitting does. It looks really cool, though.

If I had a functional digital camera handy, I’d take pictures.

On the airplane home, I also started another block out of jeweled chenille, black/pink/purple/white/red/something. It’s very nice, and the pattern is simple, so it’s not like I’m upset that you can’t see it because of the exciting colours of the yarn. It’s nice. I like it. It’s easy to knit, too, so I should be finished my 95 rows soon. I’m on row 24, so… it’ll be a bit of knitting.

School starts on Wednesday again, though, so I’ll undoubtedly finish it by Friday. I’d be very dissapointed if otherwise.

The cats were very excited to see me home. Two of them had a minor feud over who got to sleep in the bed (I was flattered). The mice are happy, I think. I’ve only seen one come out so far today, but that’s how they usually work.

So, I’m all about failing trying to unpack right now, and tomorrow I get to go pick J up at the airport as he comes in from England. Yay! Excited!

I’ll try putting my shirts away again. >.


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