Christine Lavin

I’m terrible at doing homework. >.Christine Lavin at the Gordon Center near J’s house on Saturday. And! I’m taking my knitting! She’s doing a knit-with-Christine type hour before the show, and I’m making J come with me and do a little knitting himself for his stupid Blanket of Doom. Damn thing. I’ll make him do something easy, maybe the moss stitch* one. That one’s easy.

At any rate, excited. I’m running out of yarn for the moss stitch, and I’ve run out for the cable, so I have to go buy stuff soon. And now I want to make socks, too, but I have to wait, dammit! One thing at a time. Except now I also have to repair J’s scarf, which had a breakdown in England. It was shocked by the cold or something. I could make him remake that himself on Saturday.

I’m so clever. =D

And I can give blood in April! Go me!

*moss stitch: block 24 of 32 in the BoD, which is a nice k2p2, k2p2, p2k2, p2k2 pattern.


  1. Thanks! I’m really glad the cable turned out the way it did; I did it on the bus going places in Mexico. Good time. And I hope it will be beautiful. I’ve gotten lucky with colours so far, and have loved them to death. =D

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