Pictures, hooray!

From Blanket of Doom

First, an exciting picture of the Blanket of Doom, in progress, as it is now. It’s pretty silly. I’m mid-row, right now, and I have to finish the scarf before I can continue (I swear). I don’t like the picture very much, it’s not really impressive at all, but it looks nice close up, when my camera doesn’t suck so much.

I’m mid-row right now, and I can’t work on it until I finish J’s scarf (otherwise I won’t do the scarf at all, ever). Ah well.

That is my foot, bottom right. I have cats on my socks. XD

From Blanket of Doom

On another note, a close-up of the cabled block I’ve finished. I like it a lot, it looks way spiffy. It’s so so soft, too. I really like the Lion Brand Velvet Spun yarn. It’s so wonderful. I loves it.


From Blanket of Doom

And finally, the block that I haven’t finished, but will once I go to Michaels once I have money and buy the yarn. It’s pretty soft, and it doesn’t look like much of a pattern now, but it’s a nice one.

That’s all for now. Glad to have my camera back, anyway.



  1. Kathy: it’s pretty big. It’s not like, GIGANTIC, but it’s about 11 1/2 inches long, from the bottom where I cast on to the top, where I’m knitting now. I’m about 2/3 os the way through the first set of blocks. I should scan and show off my pattern, too, because I’m pretty proud of that as well. O_o

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