Yarn and Chocolate

Yesterday, I won from the badly advertised freshman fund raiser raffle four Hershey Park tickets. For tomorrow. w00t!! I’m taking J and Alex, and couldn’t find another person (was going to tale Alex’s beau, Claire). Instead, if we see someone tomorrow at tech that we wouldn’t mind having along, we’ll ask them. YAY!

Today, I left school with J and bought a) two balls of wool to dye for the Dye-O-Rama, and one thing of purple-y chenille for the BoD., and b) a mouse. She doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s very cute, very active, and very sweet. Adorable.

Then my sister’s boyfriend came over, and we, plus my mom, watched About A Boy which was about as good as the book (which was okay, but not something I’d add to my Best Evarrr list). Cute stuff.

So, light hanging tomorrow in the BBT, for my very own plot for Twelfth Night (go me!), and then we’re leaving around lunch time to go to PA. For chocolate, and rides.

Extra plus awesome: It’s closed to the public for some company’s Employee Appreciation Day. =D Yay!



From Blanket of Doom

Two of the five finished squares: hooray!

The first is the Florentine stitch that I finished. I love it lots, and the colours make me happy. If the block was wider, it would do an up-arrow-set as well, but it’s really quite small. And roll-y.

From Blanket of Doom

The other two are of what I’m calling the “Oreo Cable.” It makes me pretty happy, though the pictures don’t really show the cable at all. Just the crazy patterning of the yarn itself. O_o The Beanie Baby is there for scale purposes.

Knitting Logistics

So, there are a few things I’m not sure I get. But I’m working on them.

1. How do I wind my yarn around my left hand if I’m trying to learn to knit Continental? I need help like whoa.

2. I need more knitting-group time. What are good knitting groups in the greater Baltimore area that you’re involved in?

My parents refuse to fudge the driving hours record– I have 40 hours and need 60— and so I’m getting them slowly because said parents don’t get out much when I’m around… mostly they do stuff while I’m at school, which is boring. Anyway, won’t have a car soon, but I’ma try as much as possible to get my mom interested.

3. There is no 3. I need to go to school now. O_o

Quick Dress Update

So, just quickly, I went out with J today to the Wise Penny near the Senator andfound me a beautiful dress for prom. $20. Niiiceee! It’s two pieces– bodice and skirt– and is long. It’s two layers: the top is a lovely, teal blue, shimmery thing, and the bottom is a spring green satin. They compliment so well. It’s a beautiful dress.

To make this knitting related: the cabling I’m doing for the Blanket of Doom in a crazy patterned yarn is turning out well. The more texture, the better. It’s really hard to see pattern at all, so the raised cable is perfect. I’ll have picture soon.

Also! Florentine! I love this stitch, but the square is so small!

My computer really isn’t interested in uploading pictures, right now, though. Again, later. Good night!

Socks and Dresses

I cleaned and homeworked all morning yesterday, and then I drove off to J’s house. I played with the gang there for a good eight hours, fighting dragons, etc. We had a few issues with that, but I steadfastly knit slowly throughout the game. Alex got annoyed at me for not paying enough attention. >.> Oops.

The socks are cute, and coming along well, I guess. I was just going to do one sock at a time, but I’ve figured out how to do them both, so I’m going to continue going like this. I’m so clever: I wound the ball very sneakily so I can work from both ends of the yarn at once, one end per sock. Very cool. I’m proud of myself. =P

From Candy Socks

My hands hurt like crazy, though. They get very cramped knitting so small like this, and I’m rather cranky. Also my fingers hurt from moving the needles. Waah. I’m forcing myself to learn to knit Continental, but it’s really hard because I can’t figure out how to wrap the yarn around my hands. Help? Please? Anyone?

I’m vaguely looking forward to the Sheep and Wool Festival, but I’m not sure if I can completely allow myself to go because I have no money and would like very much to save up enough to buy a prom dress. I’m going to the Wise Penny on Friday, if I can convince J, and Saturday if not. I liked this one in black and this one with the butterfly from Fredericks of Hollywood (which, by the way, is ten skanky), but now I’m not as peaked.

Erm. Also, I have called the Red Cross at Loyola about Lifeguarding. Woo. Soon I will actively look for a job in Hampden. Go me.


Mama-E picked me up after tech today, supposedly so I could meet the Cowboy. Instead, the poor kid is sick, so she took me yarn shopping. Eee! It was much the fun. ^_^ I got one fun purple/pink/brown/green/something for the sock I’ve started (over again, mind you), and then some self-patterning prettiness in blues and white. Very nice.

“Very exci-ted.”

Umm. D&D tomorrow at J’s house. XD That’ll be fun too. Mis padres are off to Rehoboth with my aunt and grandmother for like, the day, and will be back in some combination of Sunday and Monday and parents and something weird.

I’m going to organize my yarns soon (maybe tonight) so that I can look at then whenever I want. =D I rearranged some stuff in my room and I have a delighfully empty bookshelf just begging to be cluttered. I like it sitting empty, it makes me feel like there’s extra organizational space available, but I’d love to show off my yarns. w00t. They’re not much, but I’m fond of them.

Except the weird ones Lauretta gave me. They feel funny, and are weird colours. Very strange.

Short post (woo).

It’s rather rainy today. I’m starting to watch exactly how the light looks when it rains so I can go ahead and start Twelfth Night and stop being lazy about it. >.>

Watched Eddie Izzard last night, courtesy of J. Very funny. Very, very funny. If you don’t know him, he’s a British stand-up comedian, and he’s practically the funniest person alive. Go rent a video, right now.

Also, I restarted my sock, and it’s a lot less crap right now. I’m not quite thrilled yet, either, but it’s not bad. I have to start another Blanket of Doom block, though. The sock is just recreation.

From Candy Socks


Scout just dyed her own yarn, which she is calling “Superboy”. It’s so pretty! And it looks really easy to do, though I’m terrified of trying it myself. XD

This is mostly for my own reference, because she made a photo-journal as she did it and has it posted, but I would definitely reccomend going over there and seeing what she’s up to. So cool!


I may have finally settled on my blog name. O_o “Third-Period Knitter” sort of sums up my knitting world, so I think I’m happy with it now.

But news! Sort of. I gave blood today. It was fun.

Knitting news! I’m working on the “Lozenge Brocade” block for the DoomyDoom, and it’s such a lovely blue.

From Blanket of Doom

Now math homework

Blanket of Doomydoom

From Blanket of Doom

Since the last post was a seriously fake post, I’m going to put up the pattern for the Blanket of Doom. The purple overlay is what I’ve completed so far. I’ve been at work since mid-February, so I’m pretty annoyed at how far behind I look, and how much farther I wish I were. >.Garnet Print (I feel so esoteric linking it like that… like you actually want to see what I’m talking about) for the moss stitch pattern, and maybe more blue. God it’s a gorgeous blue, the one I’m using now. Perhaps I’ll show off.

No, the BoD pattern is too fecking big.

Ah, yes, so, enjoy the overly-developed-and-labled pattern, if you so wish to ogle at my extrordinary pattern-making-skillz, and I’ll go hang this other shelf somewhere and then go to bed.

Hurrah! Frisbee tomorrow!