Blanket of Doomydoom

From Blanket of Doom

Since the last post was a seriously fake post, I’m going to put up the pattern for the Blanket of Doom. The purple overlay is what I’ve completed so far. I’ve been at work since mid-February, so I’m pretty annoyed at how far behind I look, and how much farther I wish I were. >.Garnet Print (I feel so esoteric linking it like that… like you actually want to see what I’m talking about) for the moss stitch pattern, and maybe more blue. God it’s a gorgeous blue, the one I’m using now. Perhaps I’ll show off.

No, the BoD pattern is too fecking big.

Ah, yes, so, enjoy the overly-developed-and-labled pattern, if you so wish to ogle at my extrordinary pattern-making-skillz, and I’ll go hang this other shelf somewhere and then go to bed.

Hurrah! Frisbee tomorrow!


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