Mama-E picked me up after tech today, supposedly so I could meet the Cowboy. Instead, the poor kid is sick, so she took me yarn shopping. Eee! It was much the fun. ^_^ I got one fun purple/pink/brown/green/something for the sock I’ve started (over again, mind you), and then some self-patterning prettiness in blues and white. Very nice.

“Very exci-ted.”

Umm. D&D tomorrow at J’s house. XD That’ll be fun too. Mis padres are off to Rehoboth with my aunt and grandmother for like, the day, and will be back in some combination of Sunday and Monday and parents and something weird.

I’m going to organize my yarns soon (maybe tonight) so that I can look at then whenever I want. =D I rearranged some stuff in my room and I have a delighfully empty bookshelf just begging to be cluttered. I like it sitting empty, it makes me feel like there’s extra organizational space available, but I’d love to show off my yarns. w00t. They’re not much, but I’m fond of them.

Except the weird ones Lauretta gave me. They feel funny, and are weird colours. Very strange.

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