Socks and Dresses

I cleaned and homeworked all morning yesterday, and then I drove off to J’s house. I played with the gang there for a good eight hours, fighting dragons, etc. We had a few issues with that, but I steadfastly knit slowly throughout the game. Alex got annoyed at me for not paying enough attention. >.> Oops.

The socks are cute, and coming along well, I guess. I was just going to do one sock at a time, but I’ve figured out how to do them both, so I’m going to continue going like this. I’m so clever: I wound the ball very sneakily so I can work from both ends of the yarn at once, one end per sock. Very cool. I’m proud of myself. =P

From Candy Socks

My hands hurt like crazy, though. They get very cramped knitting so small like this, and I’m rather cranky. Also my fingers hurt from moving the needles. Waah. I’m forcing myself to learn to knit Continental, but it’s really hard because I can’t figure out how to wrap the yarn around my hands. Help? Please? Anyone?

I’m vaguely looking forward to the Sheep and Wool Festival, but I’m not sure if I can completely allow myself to go because I have no money and would like very much to save up enough to buy a prom dress. I’m going to the Wise Penny on Friday, if I can convince J, and Saturday if not. I liked this one in black and this one with the butterfly from Fredericks of Hollywood (which, by the way, is ten skanky), but now I’m not as peaked.

Erm. Also, I have called the Red Cross at Loyola about Lifeguarding. Woo. Soon I will actively look for a job in Hampden. Go me.


  1. Isn’t there a consignment shop in Hampden too? Errr…on Falls Rd?

    It’s funny seeing short prom dresses. Back in my ancient days, they were long and voluminous, like the world’s worst bridesmaid’s dresses!

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