Quick Dress Update

So, just quickly, I went out with J today to the Wise Penny near the Senator andfound me a beautiful dress for prom. $20. Niiiceee! It’s two pieces– bodice and skirt– and is long. It’s two layers: the top is a lovely, teal blue, shimmery thing, and the bottom is a spring green satin. They compliment so well. It’s a beautiful dress.

To make this knitting related: the cabling I’m doing for the Blanket of Doom in a crazy patterned yarn is turning out well. The more texture, the better. It’s really hard to see pattern at all, so the raised cable is perfect. I’ll have picture soon.

Also! Florentine! I love this stitch, but the square is so small!

My computer really isn’t interested in uploading pictures, right now, though. Again, later. Good night!

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