From Blanket of Doom

Two of the five finished squares: hooray!

The first is the Florentine stitch that I finished. I love it lots, and the colours make me happy. If the block was wider, it would do an up-arrow-set as well, but it’s really quite small. And roll-y.

From Blanket of Doom

The other two are of what I’m calling the “Oreo Cable.” It makes me pretty happy, though the pictures don’t really show the cable at all. Just the crazy patterning of the yarn itself. O_o The Beanie Baby is there for scale purposes.


  1. Hi Elinor!
    Have you ever been to http://www.knittinghelp.com?

    They have little videos on there that will show you how to hold your yarn to do continental knitting.

    I just watched it, and they show exactly what I do to hold my yarn.

    There are a lot of helpful videos on that site!

    I hope that helps!

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