Yarn and Chocolate

Yesterday, I won from the badly advertised freshman fund raiser raffle four Hershey Park tickets. For tomorrow. w00t!! I’m taking J and Alex, and couldn’t find another person (was going to tale Alex’s beau, Claire). Instead, if we see someone tomorrow at tech that we wouldn’t mind having along, we’ll ask them. YAY!

Today, I left school with J and bought a) two balls of wool to dye for the Dye-O-Rama, and one thing of purple-y chenille for the BoD., and b) a mouse. She doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s very cute, very active, and very sweet. Adorable.

Then my sister’s boyfriend came over, and we, plus my mom, watched About A Boy which was about as good as the book (which was okay, but not something I’d add to my Best Evarrr list). Cute stuff.

So, light hanging tomorrow in the BBT, for my very own plot for Twelfth Night (go me!), and then we’re leaving around lunch time to go to PA. For chocolate, and rides.

Extra plus awesome: It’s closed to the public for some company’s Employee Appreciation Day. =D Yay!



  1. Hello! I am your swap pal!

    I am getting ready to begin dyeing some yarn….and need an idea of colors you would like.

    Dye swapper pal!

  2. Hi! I was checking the “came from” on my stats and was suprised to find someone I didn’t know. So I came to check you out and found me on your sidebar. Did a little reading and figured out that you must be Mama-E’s baby-sitter???
    If so I’ve heard great things about you! 😀

    Laura, aka soapturtle

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