sheep + popcorn + boyfriend + wool! =

One Happy Girl.

The Sheep and Wool was a damn good time. We went late, after I finished my term paper, and got to wander around for a few hours. I was going to babysit for Mama-E that afternoon, but didn’t need me in the end, so I got to go to the S&W after all. Yay!

Downside: I have no money.

Upside: I have Koigu.


I found it several places, but I fondled it lots in this one little shop, and then wandered off. When I realized that really, everyone was closing up now, I ran back and fondled some more. I picked two skeins, both a lovely blue/light blue/white event, and snuggled them. J said, “I like the dark blue a lot.”

I said, “Which do you think I should get?”

J said, “Oh… well here. I’ll get this one and you can make me socks.” He handed me a third skein, in dark blue. I squeed.

Then I said, meekly, “I don’t want to push it, but two would be better for a pair of socks.”

He said, “Oh, okay,” and handed me a second one. Then he gave mum $20. O_o I gave her my money and the lady wrote it all down. Then they (J and mum) spent lots of time organizing my backpack while I wore it, trying to find just the right spot for Koigu, receipt, and camera.

Not that the backpack was particularly full, mind you.

So, good times!

From Sheep and Wool 2006


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