Candy Socks

I’ve turned the heel on one sock, and have started the turn on the second one. I’m doing toe-up and a short-row heel, and all is going very well.


(foot pictures are hard to do. O_o)

From Candy Socks

They’re looking like really big socks, because I apparently have giant feet. I mean, I do wear a size ten. So, there it is.

Today’s plans involve tux-shopping with J for prom (squee!), followed by a trip to Michaels to return the crap yarn I bought, and then to the SuperFresh for Kool-Aid, and perhaps a dying adventure! Pictures certainly will follow (but probably not for the tux shopping or trip to Michaels).

Twelfth Night opens in a week (Thursday), and I’m running lights. Here’s hoping I don’t need to do major program edits in the next three days except for the ones where PETER MOVED MY LIGHT. Damn director. =P

Off I go!



  1. whoa…your feet really don’t look all that big in the pictures. i can’t believe you’ve got size ten feet! they don’t look much bigger than mine, and mine are just about size fives!

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