My Camera Needs to Work More Often

Lots of things going on.

First, with the end of May approaching, I will post a few of the pictures I put on my Project Spectrum postcard sent to Misere. They’re pretty cute. The car is a taxi in Mexico City. That made me happiest.

The others were taken in my front yard (which is teeny, but cute). I love that rose bush, but it’s funny shaped, and my mom is starting to take it down. But she’s short, so she cuts off what she can reach, and gives up on the rest. XD

The second thing is My Space!

Scout is having people show off their knitting spaces. I have a trillion, but thought I’d do the one I guess fits best: my desk. The others range from my bed to my history classroom (a terribly boring picture, let me tell you), to my boyfriend’s car (also boring, even though he’s cute… “This is my seat where I sit and knit and be weird while he drives because I do not have a licence but I’m working very hard on it and curse them for skipping my lesson I could have that licence by now!!!!!” Boring picture). Anyway, I was going to post the picture, but I realized that I a) really need to clean up before I show anyone… and b) need to make myself a real knitting space for the summer so I don’t have to sit at my computer and be lame. O_o

Third! I have finally succeeded to wind, dye, and rewind and reskein my first dye job. I’m so happy! I thereby present…

Cherry Blossoms!

I love it. So happy. It looks rather purple here, because the light is weird, and I wish it weren’t night so I could take a picture outside, but it’s pink, red, and light green. I



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