An Inconvenient Truth

So, I went with J and family last night to see Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. It was truly stunning, moving, depressing, and shocking. Images of glaciers receeding into nothingness, coupled with the threat of a 20 ft sea level rise. Imagine Manhattan, minus 20 ft.

My family is pretty good about energy conservation, in any way we can.

We turn the air conditioner on when, and ONLY when, the temperature tops 90F, or at night, when it is particularly muggy. We turn off our computers at night. We have lights on timers. We have the thermostat in the winter on a timer, or on its own negative feedback loop. We never cool the house below 86F, and we never heat it above 68F. We take the bus when we can. I ride my bike in the city(ish) area. I walk places. We carpool. My mom loves carpool.

If I don’t get a job, and working with BSF manages not to take up all my time (I should call them, note to Elinor), I will make myself a sandwich board and set up outside my house, on that intersection.

I’m not sure what I’ll declare yet, but I’ll be cheerful and non-aggressive. I’ll just smile, wave, and knit.

Something like “Save Gas, Drive Less” or “Help the Environment, Conserve” will go on my board.

Or I’ll post it in my window. But my letters have to be bigger if I do that.

I’m inspired, I have to say.

I’m keeping this post public because I want as many people as possible to see it.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT/HOW/WHY YOU BELIEVE, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It will change your way of thinking, and acting.

Oh, and visit this website.


June/Beach/Project Spectrum

I’m goin to the beach! Yay!!

I love it there so much. I even love the drive down. It’s the perfect transit out of real life and into beach time. Lots of knitting, reading, playing, swimming, socializing to be done. So excited.

This’ll be my blue June time. Ocean + sky + friends = perfect project.

Knitting Spot

Scout wanted (earlier) to see knitting spots. Here’s mine… sort of. I don’t really spend time knitting right here, but I don’t have a designated knitting spot. I carry it around everywhere with me, and do what I can, when I can. So here’s where I keep everything. Clicky = larger = way interesting!

Also, prom!

Aren’t we pretty?

Things I Learned Today

1. Swimming in 72 degree weather might sound good… but it’s not.

2. Cats like soft things, yarn, and having claws.

3. Food Colouring dyes hands, cotton shirts, and butcherblock counter tops. It does not dye wool. Maybe lacking vinegar was the problem.

4. “Crap, just, uh… this and this!” is not a good yarn dying tactic (especially if you wanted a specific colourway).

5. Winding a giant skein of yarn around my bed is fun. ^_^


Look what I found when I got home yesterday from the post office!

^ Slideshow! ^

Thank you, Lynae! I am in sock yarn heaven. ^_^


I finished a shawl this evening, and then gave it to Molly, who looked lovely wearing it.

Pictures and full description Monday.

Coming up: Last Day, Prom, cleaning, Graduation. Excited, but exhausted.

Confused about everything. Particularly love and life. Is everything this insane?

Socks Finished!

The Candy Socks are finished! Hooray! I finished them last night, sitting alone in the dark on the catwalk of the school theatre, while waiting for a drop-lowering cue for a dance recital. O_o Very exciting. I was very afraid that I would totally fudge the bind-off for the second sock (actually the first sock which I had fudged before), but all turned out well. They’re very cute socks.

Just in time for a weird, hot, humid Baltimore summer, of course.

The next pair I cast on June 21st for the Summer of Socks. They will be Koigu ankle socks/slippers for J, for college. I’m not exactly sure about a pattern yet, nor am I sure exactly what I’m doing. I’ll have to look into that. Good thing I have time. T_T

I have packed up the dyed yarn PLUS stitch markers (I hate split jewelers’ rings) PLUS candy, and I’m very pleased with the way the yarn turned out. Did I mention that?

At the moment, however, I am avoiding an English essay. Last week of school? Please end soon kthx.


Candy Socks
Finished: June 4, 2006
Time: ~1 month
Pattern: Begun with a generic toe-up two-at-once sock pattern, short row heel, waffle rib ankle (k2p2 for two rows, knit for two rows), and then a k2p2 rib for the leg/cuff.
Materials: 1 ball varigated wool (that I lost the label to…) and a bit of Simply Soft (acrylic) in “Grape” for toes and heels.
Needles: Size #2 dpns (5)