Socks Finished!

The Candy Socks are finished! Hooray! I finished them last night, sitting alone in the dark on the catwalk of the school theatre, while waiting for a drop-lowering cue for a dance recital. O_o Very exciting. I was very afraid that I would totally fudge the bind-off for the second sock (actually the first sock which I had fudged before), but all turned out well. They’re very cute socks.

Just in time for a weird, hot, humid Baltimore summer, of course.

The next pair I cast on June 21st for the Summer of Socks. They will be Koigu ankle socks/slippers for J, for college. I’m not exactly sure about a pattern yet, nor am I sure exactly what I’m doing. I’ll have to look into that. Good thing I have time. T_T

I have packed up the dyed yarn PLUS stitch markers (I hate split jewelers’ rings) PLUS candy, and I’m very pleased with the way the yarn turned out. Did I mention that?

At the moment, however, I am avoiding an English essay. Last week of school? Please end soon kthx.


Candy Socks
Finished: June 4, 2006
Time: ~1 month
Pattern: Begun with a generic toe-up two-at-once sock pattern, short row heel, waffle rib ankle (k2p2 for two rows, knit for two rows), and then a k2p2 rib for the leg/cuff.
Materials: 1 ball varigated wool (that I lost the label to…) and a bit of Simply Soft (acrylic) in “Grape” for toes and heels.
Needles: Size #2 dpns (5)



  1. very cute socks! And I always like to hear about other people who knit while working in the theatre! Footloose tech is coming along slowly, I’m working on a sock too!

  2. Thanks, I like the Moo-cow fabric too – esp since it has little calves with their cow mommies. Thanks for coming by the blog. LMK if you want to swap for a sock bag.

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