An Inconvenient Truth

So, I went with J and family last night to see Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. It was truly stunning, moving, depressing, and shocking. Images of glaciers receeding into nothingness, coupled with the threat of a 20 ft sea level rise. Imagine Manhattan, minus 20 ft.

My family is pretty good about energy conservation, in any way we can.

We turn the air conditioner on when, and ONLY when, the temperature tops 90F, or at night, when it is particularly muggy. We turn off our computers at night. We have lights on timers. We have the thermostat in the winter on a timer, or on its own negative feedback loop. We never cool the house below 86F, and we never heat it above 68F. We take the bus when we can. I ride my bike in the city(ish) area. I walk places. We carpool. My mom loves carpool.

If I don’t get a job, and working with BSF manages not to take up all my time (I should call them, note to Elinor), I will make myself a sandwich board and set up outside my house, on that intersection.

I’m not sure what I’ll declare yet, but I’ll be cheerful and non-aggressive. I’ll just smile, wave, and knit.

Something like “Save Gas, Drive Less” or “Help the Environment, Conserve” will go on my board.

Or I’ll post it in my window. But my letters have to be bigger if I do that.

I’m inspired, I have to say.

I’m keeping this post public because I want as many people as possible to see it.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT/HOW/WHY YOU BELIEVE, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It will change your way of thinking, and acting.

Oh, and visit this website.



  1. Thanks for sharing your feelings about this documentary. It’s on our list of movies to see in the next week or two. I’m hoping more people are impacted by it like you have been!

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