Our youngest cat, roughly ten years old, name of Pokey, has been sick. She stopped eating about a month ago, and has gone slowly but surely downhill from there. We took her to the vet two weeks ago, and they said her kidneys were irregular feeling, and then they did some tests. All the tests told us was that yes, something was wrong with her kidneys.

My mom didn’t really want to pay another $400 or so just to tell us what is wrong with her kidneys, so we resigned ourselves to eventually having to put her down. My mom has been feeding her gentle “sensitive stomach” food, but she still doesn’t eat much. I’m getting suspicious that she’s getting dehydrated too, which would make sense if her kidneys are shutting down.

Kidney failure is apparently fairly common among older cats.

My mom and I have agreed that we’re going to take her to the SPCA to put her down tomorrow.

I’m sad. But I’d really rather she not be suffering, poor skinny sad little thing that she is.

She looks terrible tonight. I guess it’s about time.



… I have some pictures, and proof that I actually do work and don’t just sit in my house and go “errrr…”

To begin, today is beautiful, absolutely stunning. It’s cooler, sunny, breezy, and wonderful. I took my kind of tattered Spoleto ’88 shirt and cut the sleeves and collar off, and sewed up the arm holes so I’m flashing fewer people. It’s kinda arty and wonderfully lightweight. I like it as much as I liked it whole. ^_^

And the sewing machine job isn’t crap either.

In the knitting portion of our show, I made a milk carton. =D It’s so happy and cute. It has no pattern, though. I knit a 3 inch square for the bottom in stockinette, bound off, picked up stitches evenly spaced around the edges, and knit around. I bound off at about 4 or 4.5 inches, stuffed it with polyfil, and sewed up the top like a milk carton: two sides pinched in and two sides flat. I tried to sew the corners of the carton so they’d be more square and boxy, and realized I should have just knit the four sides seperately and stitched them together to make it more square.

Nevertheless, I am utterly charmed by it, and a friend even commissioned me to make an eensy one! I’m very proud of myself. =P

My Tye-Dye Goth socks are coming along. I knit them mostly during the SAT prep class, and so I got to the heel without trying them on. >.. obviously doesn’t count as “nature time.”

I told a guy at Artscape all about the need to start a second sock early before I realized that he actually didn’t care. I felt silly. But then my family saved me by being equally weird and high maintance, so it was okay. Then I gave him some gum.

It’s good to be an Elinor

Yup, life is good. My last SAT prep class is today, though I have to take another practice test tomorrow, followed by two more in August, and figure out what I’m in for in terms of “office hours” with Kate. But last class is today, meaning my last two hours of vastly productive sock time. I’m almost to the heel of the first sock (toe up), and I’m quite pleased. The striping is beautiful. I’m on the hunt for a new camera (probably J’s) to take pictures of things I’ve done, because mine has gone completely haywire, and I can’t even think about trying to fix it.

Oh well!

I finished my milk carton (very cute) and ended up making a much smaller one (I’m almost worried that it’s too small) for a friend. Mine has a happy face. The little one does not. I have also managed to grow a few of my nails to a reasonable length, and they look lovely (I have had a truly awful nail biting habit that I am starting to break now).

I want pictures! Wah. They’ll come eventually. Also work on the Blanket has been going well.

Now I’m hungry. It’s lunch time. =D

Knitted Toys

I want to knit food. =D I’m listening to lots of knitting/crafting podcasts, and the most recent CraftSanity podcast is about a woman who makes plushies of food and trees and clouds and delightful things. So now I want to knit pretzels and slices of cake and stuff like that.

I have to think about it. And finish lots of projects. And knit a sweater. O_O

I love being me.


I’ve made some progress on both the Blanket and on the Tye-Dye Goth socks (knit from my Dye-O-Rama wool!), and I’m very pleased. I’ve sewed in one complete block, making the most complete section of the blanket a foot and a half wide. I’m going to move onto the other end soon, finish off the still open green/red “Coral” section, and sew in another blanket.


It’s going well.

I gave up on the Trekking socks; they didn’t fit (me? gauge?), and I wanted to use them for Jaywalkers. So I’m doing simple stockinette socks with the self-striping yarn I recieved in the Dye-O-Rama swap, and it’s beautiful! I don’t have pictures now, because my camera is truly defiant, but I’m happy.


Summer J

on J's feet

Summer of Socks: J
Finished: July 12, 2006
Time: 3-4 weeks
Pattern: Here.
Materials: 2 skeins Koigu KPM, dye code 2170: Dark Blue.
Needles: Size 0 dpns.

intarsia heart
^ More Pictures ^

J-man’s summer socks

Crap internet ate my post twice!

I finished J’s socks for the Summer of Socks. I sewed the cuff, tried them on, padded around, covered the soles in yarn fuzzies anc at fur and then handed them to him at lunch. Then I had to carry them for him until we got home. O_o Silly boy. I didn’t get to take pictures, though, so I’ll ask him to bring them and his camera when (if) he comes over today, so I can get sock action shots with a camera that works cheerfully instead of sulking on my shelf and being generally annoying. >.>

The pattern is my own, sort of. I learned off of the Toe-Up Two at a Time pattern initially, but took it on my own this time. I did them one at a time, with a diagonal rib pattern on the top of the foot and a flat sole. I knit in a little blue intarsia heart to one sock (but not the other) just for fun. Ish cute. Then I did a short row heel (and J’s heels are a different shape than mine; fancy that!) and ribbed the cuff for about 2.5 or 3 inches. They’re cute, I like them a lot. Plus! I liked working with the Koigu muchly. Thank you for buying me that present, J!

Now I’ve started a cuff down (omg!) pattern. I kind of want to do Jaywalkers, but I think I’d rather do that with the Koigu that I have, and I’d rather fudge this simple pattern up a lot so I get the hang of a gusset and a heel flap and grafting toes before I work with the expensive yarn. Actually, the Trekking XXL was more expensive than the Koigu… wait, suspicious. >.>

New York, and a Summer Sock!

I went to New York Friday with J and his family to see The Lieutenant of Inishmore, which is a horridly gory, but wonderful, WONDERFUL show. It was incredible. I can’t tel you about it, because my words will not do it justice. But if you’re looking for show to see in NYC, that is definitely one to consider. Three cats. One of them is real! Mr. Ed!

So, I got a ton of knitting done on the train up and back, and since the pictures I took I’ve turned the heel and I am working on the ankle ribbing. It’s a cute sock.

So I took a picture of it, didn’t I, in New York, for a few options of the Sock On Vacation for the Summer of Socks. So I picked a big building, made sure I could see at least one taxi, and a street sign. J said, “Oh, good, you picked a nice big building that maybe someone will recognize.”

I thought he was being sarcastic.

He was, oddly enough, but not for the reason I thought.

“Take a picture of the top of the building,” he said, but I didn’t. Who wanted to see the top of this building? Who cares? I want to see the street.

Guess which building this is? Guess which building this is that I didn’t look at long enough to recognize?

Uh, this one. It wasn’t until J said, as we left, “Good thing we’re walking on this side, otherwise people would drop pennies on our heads and kill us.”

What? Empire State Building? What?

Wow. I felt dumb. XD

Let’s just leave it at that.