New York, and a Summer Sock!

I went to New York Friday with J and his family to see The Lieutenant of Inishmore, which is a horridly gory, but wonderful, WONDERFUL show. It was incredible. I can’t tel you about it, because my words will not do it justice. But if you’re looking for show to see in NYC, that is definitely one to consider. Three cats. One of them is real! Mr. Ed!

So, I got a ton of knitting done on the train up and back, and since the pictures I took I’ve turned the heel and I am working on the ankle ribbing. It’s a cute sock.

So I took a picture of it, didn’t I, in New York, for a few options of the Sock On Vacation for the Summer of Socks. So I picked a big building, made sure I could see at least one taxi, and a street sign. J said, “Oh, good, you picked a nice big building that maybe someone will recognize.”

I thought he was being sarcastic.

He was, oddly enough, but not for the reason I thought.

“Take a picture of the top of the building,” he said, but I didn’t. Who wanted to see the top of this building? Who cares? I want to see the street.

Guess which building this is? Guess which building this is that I didn’t look at long enough to recognize?

Uh, this one. It wasn’t until J said, as we left, “Good thing we’re walking on this side, otherwise people would drop pennies on our heads and kill us.”

What? Empire State Building? What?

Wow. I felt dumb. XD

Let’s just leave it at that.


  1. Dude! I totally work 6 blocks from there! You should have let me know you were going to be in town! Glad you got to see the sights though. 😉


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