J-man’s summer socks

Crap internet ate my post twice!

I finished J’s socks for the Summer of Socks. I sewed the cuff, tried them on, padded around, covered the soles in yarn fuzzies anc at fur and then handed them to him at lunch. Then I had to carry them for him until we got home. O_o Silly boy. I didn’t get to take pictures, though, so I’ll ask him to bring them and his camera when (if) he comes over today, so I can get sock action shots with a camera that works cheerfully instead of sulking on my shelf and being generally annoying. >.>

The pattern is my own, sort of. I learned off of the Toe-Up Two at a Time pattern initially, but took it on my own this time. I did them one at a time, with a diagonal rib pattern on the top of the foot and a flat sole. I knit in a little blue intarsia heart to one sock (but not the other) just for fun. Ish cute. Then I did a short row heel (and J’s heels are a different shape than mine; fancy that!) and ribbed the cuff for about 2.5 or 3 inches. They’re cute, I like them a lot. Plus! I liked working with the Koigu muchly. Thank you for buying me that present, J!

Now I’ve started a cuff down (omg!) pattern. I kind of want to do Jaywalkers, but I think I’d rather do that with the Koigu that I have, and I’d rather fudge this simple pattern up a lot so I get the hang of a gusset and a heel flap and grafting toes before I work with the expensive yarn. Actually, the Trekking XXL was more expensive than the Koigu… wait, suspicious. >.>


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