It’s good to be an Elinor

Yup, life is good. My last SAT prep class is today, though I have to take another practice test tomorrow, followed by two more in August, and figure out what I’m in for in terms of “office hours” with Kate. But last class is today, meaning my last two hours of vastly productive sock time. I’m almost to the heel of the first sock (toe up), and I’m quite pleased. The striping is beautiful. I’m on the hunt for a new camera (probably J’s) to take pictures of things I’ve done, because mine has gone completely haywire, and I can’t even think about trying to fix it.

Oh well!

I finished my milk carton (very cute) and ended up making a much smaller one (I’m almost worried that it’s too small) for a friend. Mine has a happy face. The little one does not. I have also managed to grow a few of my nails to a reasonable length, and they look lovely (I have had a truly awful nail biting habit that I am starting to break now).

I want pictures! Wah. They’ll come eventually. Also work on the Blanket has been going well.

Now I’m hungry. It’s lunch time. =D

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