… I have some pictures, and proof that I actually do work and don’t just sit in my house and go “errrr…”

To begin, today is beautiful, absolutely stunning. It’s cooler, sunny, breezy, and wonderful. I took my kind of tattered Spoleto ’88 shirt and cut the sleeves and collar off, and sewed up the arm holes so I’m flashing fewer people. It’s kinda arty and wonderfully lightweight. I like it as much as I liked it whole. ^_^

And the sewing machine job isn’t crap either.

In the knitting portion of our show, I made a milk carton. =D It’s so happy and cute. It has no pattern, though. I knit a 3 inch square for the bottom in stockinette, bound off, picked up stitches evenly spaced around the edges, and knit around. I bound off at about 4 or 4.5 inches, stuffed it with polyfil, and sewed up the top like a milk carton: two sides pinched in and two sides flat. I tried to sew the corners of the carton so they’d be more square and boxy, and realized I should have just knit the four sides seperately and stitched them together to make it more square.

Nevertheless, I am utterly charmed by it, and a friend even commissioned me to make an eensy one! I’m very proud of myself. =P

My Tye-Dye Goth socks are coming along. I knit them mostly during the SAT prep class, and so I got to the heel without trying them on. >.. obviously doesn’t count as “nature time.”

I told a guy at Artscape all about the need to start a second sock early before I realized that he actually didn’t care. I felt silly. But then my family saved me by being equally weird and high maintance, so it was okay. Then I gave him some gum.

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