Our youngest cat, roughly ten years old, name of Pokey, has been sick. She stopped eating about a month ago, and has gone slowly but surely downhill from there. We took her to the vet two weeks ago, and they said her kidneys were irregular feeling, and then they did some tests. All the tests told us was that yes, something was wrong with her kidneys.

My mom didn’t really want to pay another $400 or so just to tell us what is wrong with her kidneys, so we resigned ourselves to eventually having to put her down. My mom has been feeding her gentle “sensitive stomach” food, but she still doesn’t eat much. I’m getting suspicious that she’s getting dehydrated too, which would make sense if her kidneys are shutting down.

Kidney failure is apparently fairly common among older cats.

My mom and I have agreed that we’re going to take her to the SPCA to put her down tomorrow.

I’m sad. But I’d really rather she not be suffering, poor skinny sad little thing that she is.

She looks terrible tonight. I guess it’s about time.


  1. I am so sorry, Elinor… I hope you are okay. I had a cat with the same problem of kidney failer – it is common in all cats.


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