Alaskan Knitting

If anyone is interested, I’ve posted the first 60 picturees (of… 600) on my facebook, and have the link available for viewing said pictures. They are here, and I do a run through of the trip as I go. You don’t have to look at them, of course, but the pictures of mountains and glaciers are awful pretty.

The knitting I got done, however, was rather exciting.

The second day in Juneau, I discovered that the yarn shop I wanted to go to was in fact across the street from another shop we had been in, instead of eight miles away and therefore rather inaccessable by me. So I trotted in with J and browsed, chatted with the girl working there, and ended up buying two skeins of yarn, one longer one (superwash merion, woo!), at 275 yards, by Raven Frog Fiber Arts, called Princess Maksoutoff’s Gown, and another, smaller one, (Optim merino), at 154 yards, by Rabbit Ridge Designs, called Glacier. They’re so, so pretty. And dyed by people in Alaska, too, so local artisans. Not yarn I could get at home. Which was the goal. Score!

I’m in love with both of them. You’ll see Princess Maksoutoff in a minute, but I have yet to take a picture of Glacier. They’re so soft and wonderfully beautiful.

So I set off with my Tye-Dye Goth socks, one of which I turned the heel on in the airplane. I continued working on them throughout the trip, being my Summer of Socks socks, and got lots of pictures. It became a small “Sock goes to Alaska” series. ^_^ Here (left), the sock visits the Johns Hopkins and Gilman glaciers.

Here (right) the Glacier Bay National Park Ranger (a weaver), takes my picture. I’m wearing like three sweaters.

I have a few more pictures in this section, but they’re all very similar. The first one is really the best. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the sock the rest of the cruise, because I kept forgetting, but when we got on the road, I remembered.

The sock goes on a road trip.

The sock stops for lunch.

The sock stops at a MUSK OX FARM.
And visits the Musk Ox.
Who, ironically, are neither musky, nor oxen. They’re more closely related to sheep. Nevertheless, I was unable to buy any more than one gram of qiviut, because apparently the Oomingmak Co-op does not sell it in skeins to other people. Lest they have any competition. However, it is sold, and I should have bought it in Juneau, where I saw it. Crap. The sock stops on the drive for a little picture taking and leg stretching.
On the M.V. Sea Lion, though, I started on a hat for myself with the Princess Maksoutoff yarn. It’s really gorgeous, and knit up beautifully. I’ll do an offical “Finished Object” post for it, but I’m calling it the Aurora Borealis hat. It’s splendid. Purple, blue, teal, and green, in a lovely blending between the two dominant colours, purple and green.

I’m really fond of it, even though it’s August.

I should be off, though, and go grocery shopping, and maybe get a new mouse. Guildenstern died while I was away, so I’m pampering Coney now, but I think I’ll get her a new friend before school starts.


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