More Summer Socks (and mice)

My mice are adorable, and I really have missed them. ^_^ Sparkles, the new girl, is the cutest little grey mouse in the world. I’m in love with her. The two of them make me very happy.

I haven’t spent a lot of time at home recently, with a combination of soccer preseason (ow legs ow arms ow hands ow knees*) and the boy preparing for college. I’ve gone to practice in the morning, to J’s in the afternoon, and gotten home around 11. I went to work on Tuesday, and didn’t get home until quarter to 1 in the morning. Erk. I took a nap at J’s house that same day, too, while he packed.

It was great.

But we took J to college today and left him there to his own devices. I’m sad, but I’m doing all right. Soccer and a junior year in high school should distract me while I’m not busy visiting him up there.

So now I’m home again, working on the blanket (ah ha! how long has it been?).

I finished my Tye-Dye Goth socks yesterday afternoon, and immediately the next morning cast on a pair of Jaywalkers to take to J’s college. I finished the cuff on the drive up (1.5 hours) and had knit about 3 inches of leg by the time I got home this evening. I’m pleased.

But! I have sworn to work on socks at school, and the blanket at home. When school starts I’m going to leave the socks in my locker so I’ll actually work on the blanket if I want to knit ever.

My mice are adorable. There are two little round mouse butts facing me now as they sit together in the food bowl and stuff their little faces. Squee!

I’ll have FO pictures of the Goth socks later, when I get a chance to take them.

*i am a goalie, and love to throw myself on the ground


One comment

  1. Glad to hear that the new mouse is settling in well! I used to have white mice, and they were so cute. They were even sort of trained; if I put my hand into the cage, they would jump on and sit there giving me an “Is it playtime?” look.

    Yay for finished socks!

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