Progress Report

River Rapids, by Sockbug.


not dead!

No indeed. I’ve been working on some stuff. I finished the first of two River Rapids socks by Sockbug, and it is GORGEOUS. I will take pictures soon, when I remember to.

I haven’t made the second one yet because I’m working on a secret project.

I have however made some more progress with the Blanket of Doom, in I have worked on the body of the blanket a good deal, and have finished two smallish blocks to put in. I have this “afghan sampler!!!” book from like, the 30’s that my mom had, and it’s way cheesy. It’s also kind of hard to read, but the squares are small and go fast, which is the kind of filler I need.

Pictures to come, as always. Promise.

My last day at Toby’s is tomorrow. I’m a little sad, and yet not. Working at a theatre was great, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity, but I can’t keep up with a night job AND do homework, there’s a huge probability that I’ll get mugged randomly there, and I really don’t like the other stagehands. My SM is nice, and one other hand, but there are two I simply can’t stand. They treat me like a child, which I am not (especially in relation to them), and I can’t handle that.

Plus, homework. School = life.


(FO) Tye-Dye Goth socks

Tye-Dye Goth! I love wearing these socks; they are SO comfortable. The fabric is so soft and lovely and wonderful. =D

Finished: August 23, 2006
Time: >1 month
Pattern: Toe-up socks with a Magic Cast-on, short row heel, and a k2p2 rib leg.
Yarn: Fingering weight merino, hand dyed by Lynae in the Dye-O-Rama swap. This yarn was so beautiful, and so wonderful to work with. I took these socks to Alaska, and they saw both the Inner Passage and the mainland, along with some wildlife, and then my SAT prep class. O_o Alaska was way more interesting. They took me forever. I did get distracted and make the Aurora hat, and also I have size 11 feet, and I love high cuffs. >.> Anyway.
Needles: Size 0 (US) dpns.


omg! Cutest yarn shop! Located on 36th street, merely blocks from my house, Lovelyarns is my new favourite hang-out (second only to my computer).

But the biggest news?

Toe-up Sock Class, taught by me. Squee!

We’re going to be using Cascade Fixation, a cotton/elastic blend (which I’ve never worked with), so I have to go back down tomorrow and get a ball to play with and see what I can do. I’m very excited!

So, if you’re interested in learning the basics of toe-up socks, keep checking for class dates, etc.

I swear I’ll post Goth Sock pictures!

Sock Poll

So, as the Summer of Socks comes to a close, I need to choose two Socks-On-Vacation pictures to send in. I’ve narrowed it down to five, but I need some help. Vote for two?

^ One (Mendenhall Glaicer) ^

^Two (Musk Ox)^

^Three (Musk Ox Farm)^

^Four (MatSu Valley)^

^Five (Glacier Bay)^