Sock Poll

So, as the Summer of Socks comes to a close, I need to choose two Socks-On-Vacation pictures to send in. I’ve narrowed it down to five, but I need some help. Vote for two?

^ One (Mendenhall Glaicer) ^

^Two (Musk Ox)^

^Three (Musk Ox Farm)^

^Four (MatSu Valley)^

^Five (Glacier Bay)^


  1. Oh pretty pics! I vote for one and four.

    I am not going to make it to the meetup tonight afterall (bad cold). So I won’t have the grey chenille for you. Sorry! I’ll have it next time.

  2. Check with Coleen for the black chenille. She had a big bag of Lion Brand stuff (including the chenille) at a meetup a while back. Have a nice weekend!


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