Which aisle are the puppies in?

I was at school today (good job me), walking to advisory, when I passed the admissions office. In the admissions office was a woman standing and talking with the secretary there, and resting on the desk was a box full of puppies.

There were four golden retriever pups sitting in a cardboard box that this woman had, squealing a bit and being all wriggly and cute. I stood at the door, looking rather wide-eyed, and the secretary glanced over and said, “You can come in!”

So I did.

And I petted those puppies to my heart’s content. And they were the softest wriggliest sweetest puppies I have ever petted. Ohhh they were wonderful.

Boxes of puppies make my day.


Christmas List

+ Tan – Octopus
+ Rob – Amber hat

+ Molly – mittens of fuzziness (Mollimus)
+ Cat – Fetching gloves
+ Franny – iPod cozy (nano)
+ Dad – hat

+ Sarah – jester hat…?
+ Mum – bag of birdseed
+ Emma, Tamara, Emily – mypapercrane donut keychain of cute!

Other projects:
+ Blanket of doomawesomely huge.
+ Socktoberfest socks. These might end up frogged and knit into Jaywalkers, just because a) I love the Jaywalker pattern and b) I don’t really like the way the socks are going (in terms of doomydoom and not fitting).
+ A third sock for my sock class; this one sucks less than the last one I knit. Maybe it will match the first one, which is a different color. >.

Bad knit-blogger!

I finished Rob’s hat. I also finished the Mollimus Mittens, which only have that redonkulous name because they are a Christmas gift for my friend Molly and she hates it when I call her Mollimus. Because her mom calls her that. O_o

I have lots of smallish plans for Christmas that I hope will pan out. I’m going to be knitting the Fetching fingerless gloves for a running-avid friend, and an iPod cozy for another friend’s Nano. Did you know they had the earphone jack on the bottom? Why did they do that? Why did they make me have to figure out a small hole in the bottom of a cozy? Waah. Also, maybe a hat, and maybe other gloves. I think if I get another skein of Cascade 220 for the Fetching gloves, I can make two pairs and give them to that other friend to whom I turned down a request for socks.

Also, a hat for my dad to match his gloves, and a jester-type hat for my sister. You know, one of the long ones that uses up all my yarn. >.>

My mom wants birdseed for Christmas, because she is a bit mad.

What can I do for J? I made him [insert secret project of secretness here] already, so another would be silly (and you may ask what that is, yes), but I’m not sure if he wants more knitted love. Do you want more knitted love, J, or should I just get you a Nintendo?

Yeah right. =P




Real knitting content! Aahh!

I started this hat this morning, as a Christmas gift-to-be for J’s roommate, Rob. The pattern is Amber, from MagKnits.com. I’m not sure how I found it, but I actually really like the way it looks so far. And! Fast knitting is good knitting. =D

Ignore my slightly redonkulous hair.

I wish…

I had more to show you! My camera is gone (>.Scout’s Socktoberfest yarn, and they are gorgeous already, even with just a cuff. I had to pull them out once with about three inches of actual sock action (they were too big), and I love the yarn, love working with it, and love the way it looks. Simply enamoured.

I’m also working to finish the second sock for my Toe-up sock class that I’m teaching at the LYS in Hampden. It’s not the same as the first one. =D Sue didn’t have any more Cascade Fixation in the Zebra colour, so I started the second sock for the class (ie, the teaching sock) in a white/purple/green/blue mix that’s really lovely. I might knit the next sock for the next class in the same one, or the Zebra one, so I have two that match. Then I’ll use them for running, because they’re short.

I’m also still working on J’s blanket, and thought it’s been slow, I know I need to pull it out and start attaching the squares I’ve knit. I’ll be able to see more progress that way! I need to go to Michael’s, though, and get more black.

And finally, I knit a happy little cozy for my iPod, Andrew, out of yarn I bought in Alaska. It is a) gorgeous and b) so soft that I’m in love, and I fondle the case sometimes more than the iPod.

The webcam doesn’t really do it justice, but I love it. I started with a magic cast on at the bottom, knit knit knit to the top, bound off one side and made a flap on the other that is simply seed stitch (knit the purls, purl the knits). Fun to touch. Then I was going to just do a cord/handle on the top to hold on to, but a woman at Lovelyarns that weekend that I worked showed me her cell phone case cord, which was attached at one side and had a clip at the other. How very clever! Now I can clip it to my purse, or my belt, or whatever, and know it’s there. I’m so glad she mentioned it, because I wouldn’t have thought of it myself.

Then S wanted one, so I made her one in gray mohair/shiny bit. It’s not completely finished, because she needs to find a button for me, but they’re pretty cute.

I guess I had more to show than I thought. Yay!

Tan’s Octopus

Finished: Mid-October
Time: Two or three days (easy peasy)
Yarn: Caron “Simply Soft” in red and white
Needles: Size 6 (US) dpns for the body and size 4 dpns for the legs.
Pattern: “Spherey” by Jess Hutchison in her book Unusual Toys for you to Knit and Enjoy.
Modifications: Spherey is originally just a ball with two arms and two legs, but I wanted an octopus. So I scrapped the arms and legs in this version and knit fat I-cords for his legs, with a small increase at the end for little suction cups. This octopus is also smaller than the first one, because I did a few fewer of the increases. The face is sewn on with the same red Caron.

River Rapids

River Rapids socks

River Rapids

Finished: October 1, 2006
Time: Less than two weeks

Yarn: Koigu, light blue/white variegated (color P905)
Needles: Size 2 (US) dpns

Pattern: River Rapids by Sockbug.

Modifications: Had nine “cables” around the leg, resulting in five on the foot. Three repeats of pattern on ankle, five on foot.

Gorgeous, super soft and comfortable. Very stretchy. I could have probably just used the regular eight “cables”, but I decided I wanted to make them a little bigger. They fit beautifully, but by the end of the day they’re a little loose.

River Rapids