I wish…

I had more to show you! My camera is gone (>.Scout’s Socktoberfest yarn, and they are gorgeous already, even with just a cuff. I had to pull them out once with about three inches of actual sock action (they were too big), and I love the yarn, love working with it, and love the way it looks. Simply enamoured.

I’m also working to finish the second sock for my Toe-up sock class that I’m teaching at the LYS in Hampden. It’s not the same as the first one. =D Sue didn’t have any more Cascade Fixation in the Zebra colour, so I started the second sock for the class (ie, the teaching sock) in a white/purple/green/blue mix that’s really lovely. I might knit the next sock for the next class in the same one, or the Zebra one, so I have two that match. Then I’ll use them for running, because they’re short.

I’m also still working on J’s blanket, and thought it’s been slow, I know I need to pull it out and start attaching the squares I’ve knit. I’ll be able to see more progress that way! I need to go to Michael’s, though, and get more black.

And finally, I knit a happy little cozy for my iPod, Andrew, out of yarn I bought in Alaska. It is a) gorgeous and b) so soft that I’m in love, and I fondle the case sometimes more than the iPod.

The webcam doesn’t really do it justice, but I love it. I started with a magic cast on at the bottom, knit knit knit to the top, bound off one side and made a flap on the other that is simply seed stitch (knit the purls, purl the knits). Fun to touch. Then I was going to just do a cord/handle on the top to hold on to, but a woman at Lovelyarns that weekend that I worked showed me her cell phone case cord, which was attached at one side and had a clip at the other. How very clever! Now I can clip it to my purse, or my belt, or whatever, and know it’s there. I’m so glad she mentioned it, because I wouldn’t have thought of it myself.

Then S wanted one, so I made her one in gray mohair/shiny bit. It’s not completely finished, because she needs to find a button for me, but they’re pretty cute.

I guess I had more to show than I thought. Yay!


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