Christmas List

+ Tan – Octopus
+ Rob – Amber hat

+ Molly – mittens of fuzziness (Mollimus)
+ Cat – Fetching gloves
+ Franny – iPod cozy (nano)
+ Dad – hat

+ Sarah – jester hat…?
+ Mum – bag of birdseed
+ Emma, Tamara, Emily – mypapercrane donut keychain of cute!

Other projects:
+ Blanket of doomawesomely huge.
+ Socktoberfest socks. These might end up frogged and knit into Jaywalkers, just because a) I love the Jaywalker pattern and b) I don’t really like the way the socks are going (in terms of doomydoom and not fitting).
+ A third sock for my sock class; this one sucks less than the last one I knit. Maybe it will match the first one, which is a different color. >.

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