Which aisle are the puppies in?

I was at school today (good job me), walking to advisory, when I passed the admissions office. In the admissions office was a woman standing and talking with the secretary there, and resting on the desk was a box full of puppies.

There were four golden retriever pups sitting in a cardboard box that this woman had, squealing a bit and being all wriggly and cute. I stood at the door, looking rather wide-eyed, and the secretary glanced over and said, “You can come in!”

So I did.

And I petted those puppies to my heart’s content. And they were the softest wriggliest sweetest puppies I have ever petted. Ohhh they were wonderful.

Boxes of puppies make my day.


One comment

  1. I wish people brought boxes of puppies to grad school. My life would be better.

    (Found you through the L&V Message Boards of DOOM, where I am a hardcore lurker. 🙂

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