Familial Fondness

Here’s why I love my family.

I was going to sing in Cabaret at school tonight, with my sister, with a friend of ours accompanying us. He decided he couldn’t play the guitar well enough to learn the accompaniment (understandable difficult), so we had to take ourselves off the set list.

This afternoon, I found a song that I absolutely loved and needed to learn RIGHT THEN so I could sing it. I listened to it a lot, typed up the lyrics, partially memorized it, and drove back to school. I found Adele, who runs the whole thing, and asked her if I could get back on the set list.

“No. What? No, I mean… I can’t deal with this… I need to practice, find me later.”

Fine. So I sat around and waited for her to be done, really worried that I wasn’t going to get a chance and that she would perpetuate my feelings of her as a bitch (which I think on and off… it’s a long story). But eventually I got her again and we went out into the lobby.

She said, “No, I suppose that wouldn’t be terrible, you can fit back in here…”

I said, “Great, wonderful. I mean, I have it on paper still…”

And she said, “Well, I actually feel very strongly about that; you need to have it memorized.”

Damn. Well, thought I, I think I can memorize it completely by 7:30. But I ended up telling Adele that I would probably forget it if I tried, and that I shouldn’t try.

So, disappointed and annoyed at myself, I stole out of the theatre (and avoided a friend who hoped I’d stay, I imagine, which I feel bad about) and called my mom to tell her not to come. I drove home, and then we ate pizza and watched “Art School Confidential.”

It was great. The movie wasn’t great, but the company was really nice. I really like hanging out with my family. My dad came home about 30 minutes into the movie, and we all watched it together. Afterwards, we talked about socialism and things like that. I sung them the Panda song I was going to sing at Cabaret but couldn’t (and I had it pretty much memorized too). My parents are very cool and laid-back, and at the same time very interesting, eccentric, and knowledgeable. I think they’re great. This evening made up for being disappointed earlier, and I’m not regretting not staying for the show as much.

Yeah, I love my parents.


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