Sock Class

I taught my class again at Lovelyarns today, and it was fun. I found, though, that my directions are a little too abstract, and so I have written up very specific directions for a toe-up sock in Cascade Fixation. I like it. I don’t use Fixation except for in the class, and I don’t know how easily it will be translated to finer yarn or smaller needles, but it works. I think if any of the students wants to knit more toe-up socks, there will be patterns enough to satisfy anyone. =D

I’ll put it below.

Now available in Polish!

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College Hunt

Dude, I’m totally going to college.

I have six college visits planned for the next two months, all in southern Pennsylvania! I’m so excited. Five of the six have been confirmed or need no confirmation, and I’m psyched.

In February I’m visiting…
Dickinson College
Carnegie Mellon University

In March I’m visiting…
Haverford College
Swarthmore College
Franklin & Marshall College
Susquehanna University

Excited! And my college meeting at school isn’t until March 26th… after all these visits. =D

I can’t wait, actually. I just got a bunch of confirmations in the mail today. Yay!

Now I should go find fabric to finish my One Tiny Thing Swap item. I mastered entrelac! Pictures when finished. ^_^


Look guys, we have snow! Finally! Baltimore’s been warm as anything all winter, and even though I left the house this morning with my coat over my shoulder, I was running about in it in the afternoon. J and his dad helped brush off my car when I left J’s house with increasingly large snow scraper/brooms. Size matters, etc. Hilarity. My teeny scraper just didn’t stand up.

I love snow. I’m so happy just knowing it’s there.

We (the fam) went over to my grandparents’ flat this evening to watch on Animal Planet. We’ll talk about my Animal Planet obsession/addiction later. It was Steve Irwin’s last filming; the show he was filming when he died. It was wonderful, and bittersweet, and we got to see a lot of really venomous and dangerous animals. And we all know how Steve Irwin felt about dangerous animals.

Animal Planet obsession? I love it. I love Animal Planet. I go over to J’s house, and watch it whenever possible. I love wildlife, and I love animals. J says that the only time Animal Planet is on in his house is when I’m there. My family doesn’t have cable (probably better for everyone), but whenever I’m handed a TV remote where there is cable, I’ll find Animal Planet.

Meow. Over.

FO: Swell Hat


Begun: January 14, 2007
Finished: January 16, 2007
Yarn: Berocco Alpaca in purple and white (worsted)
Needles: Size 8 (US) circulars
Pattern: Swell from

Notes: I knit this hat about three times. The first time I followed an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for a meitered earflap hat, and while I admire Elizabeth Zimmerman, this hat was not to be. It looked retarded. The second time, I reknit the hat according to the Swell pattern, using size 5 needles. It was TINY. It fit my head, if I yanked, but it definitely wasn’t going to fit my father, for whom it was a Christmas gift (to match his gloves from 2005). I was still working on it on Christmas. But when I finished it and showed it to him, it didn’t fit, as I had foreseen. So I frogged it. Then I knit it a third time, using instead size 8 needles, for that’s what I had used for the first version of this hat, and they had worked beautifully. I made the earflaps garter stitch instead of stockinette something whatever, and I made them bigger. But, after I had made them a little larger than called for, I knit the hat exactly as the pattern said, with a few more inches of purple between the ears and the wave, and between the wave and the crown. The crown closes in very quickly, so I ended up knitting that a couple times too before it made sense.

And now it’s beautiful! Dad loves it. I loved knitting it, even if it was a pain in general, because the alpaca is so nice, and it’s pretty, and I finally mastered the stranded colorwork. I think it’s lovely.

Artsy shot.



FO: Anne Jaywalkers

Begun: December 27, 2006
Finished: January 12, 2007
Yarn: Schaeffer “Anne”– a gift from my father for my birthday.
Needles: Size 1 (US) dpns– bamboo, also a gift from my father
Pattern: Jaywalkers, by Grumperina

Notes: I made the larger size, 84 stitches, and instead of the regular (k1, sl1) heel across, I did the eye-of-partridge heel because I think it is so, so beautiful. I absolutely loved working with this yarn. It’s part merino, part mohair, and it’s so soft to knit. The colors are beautiful, too. I was at first worried because I rarely knit with so many warm colors, but the orange and the red are simply stunning, and the purple and the turquoise mixed in are lovely. They are beautiful. I love the Jaywalker pattern because it is simple enough to show off color and not get fiddly, but certainly more interesting to knit and look at than straight stockinette stitch.

I love these socks. I want to wear them all the time.

Showing off the heel.


Could it be… a finished object?!

I’m finished my dad’s hat!  I need to finish sewing in ends, but right now I’m just enjoying myself by wearing it and gloating.

I want to put pictures up, but I want them to be pictures of him wearing it, not just me.  For now, I’ll give you this one, and then I’ll make an official FO post… as you do.

Swell Hat

New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I think this one’s going to be good. ^_^

New Year’s Resolutions
1. Knit a sweater
I want to get this project under my belt at some point. If I can knit an entire afghan of epic proportions without a master plan, and only patterns for the blocks, I can knit a sweater. I want to knit the Rogue Hoodie, but I don’t want my first sweater to be a disaster, and I don’t want the disaster to be this beautiful thing! The Janda sweater is also a possibility, but I might want to make it zip up. I’m not sure.

2. Commit less
I can stress myself sometimes by agreeing to do too many things at once. I usually want to do all of them, but I have to let myself do things one at a time. Maybe along with this should go “Organize priorities”, so that I know which things are most important to do. In any case, I think I’ll take the first step here by keeping my G (free) block free during school so I have time either to talk with teachers, study, or (most often), just chill and hang out in the library and do SuDoku puzzles. =D

3. Get a job
I got a job last summer, which was good, so I want to do it again. I want a good job that’s not too demanding so I can work during the summer, but also maybe keep it for the following (or even preceding?) school year. I think following is more likely than preceding, because I am an overachieving HS junior, so most of my time is usually spent doing homework (or knitting). But I want a job, to make moneys, to build a new computer with Jamie. Because this one is somewhat old. And bleh, to use a technical term.

4. Post some FOs!
I swear I will. I have access to a nice camera now, so I should get off my butt and take some artsy pictures of my knit/half-knit objects. Geez. I’m on it.