New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I think this one’s going to be good. ^_^

New Year’s Resolutions
1. Knit a sweater
I want to get this project under my belt at some point. If I can knit an entire afghan of epic proportions without a master plan, and only patterns for the blocks, I can knit a sweater. I want to knit the Rogue Hoodie, but I don’t want my first sweater to be a disaster, and I don’t want the disaster to be this beautiful thing! The Janda sweater is also a possibility, but I might want to make it zip up. I’m not sure.

2. Commit less
I can stress myself sometimes by agreeing to do too many things at once. I usually want to do all of them, but I have to let myself do things one at a time. Maybe along with this should go “Organize priorities”, so that I know which things are most important to do. In any case, I think I’ll take the first step here by keeping my G (free) block free during school so I have time either to talk with teachers, study, or (most often), just chill and hang out in the library and do SuDoku puzzles. =D

3. Get a job
I got a job last summer, which was good, so I want to do it again. I want a good job that’s not too demanding so I can work during the summer, but also maybe keep it for the following (or even preceding?) school year. I think following is more likely than preceding, because I am an overachieving HS junior, so most of my time is usually spent doing homework (or knitting). But I want a job, to make moneys, to build a new computer with Jamie. Because this one is somewhat old. And bleh, to use a technical term.

4. Post some FOs!
I swear I will. I have access to a nice camera now, so I should get off my butt and take some artsy pictures of my knit/half-knit objects. Geez. I’m on it.

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