FO: Swell Hat


Begun: January 14, 2007
Finished: January 16, 2007
Yarn: Berocco Alpaca in purple and white (worsted)
Needles: Size 8 (US) circulars
Pattern: Swell from

Notes: I knit this hat about three times. The first time I followed an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for a meitered earflap hat, and while I admire Elizabeth Zimmerman, this hat was not to be. It looked retarded. The second time, I reknit the hat according to the Swell pattern, using size 5 needles. It was TINY. It fit my head, if I yanked, but it definitely wasn’t going to fit my father, for whom it was a Christmas gift (to match his gloves from 2005). I was still working on it on Christmas. But when I finished it and showed it to him, it didn’t fit, as I had foreseen. So I frogged it. Then I knit it a third time, using instead size 8 needles, for that’s what I had used for the first version of this hat, and they had worked beautifully. I made the earflaps garter stitch instead of stockinette something whatever, and I made them bigger. But, after I had made them a little larger than called for, I knit the hat exactly as the pattern said, with a few more inches of purple between the ears and the wave, and between the wave and the crown. The crown closes in very quickly, so I ended up knitting that a couple times too before it made sense.

And now it’s beautiful! Dad loves it. I loved knitting it, even if it was a pain in general, because the alpaca is so nice, and it’s pretty, and I finally mastered the stranded colorwork. I think it’s lovely.

Artsy shot.




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