Look guys, we have snow! Finally! Baltimore’s been warm as anything all winter, and even though I left the house this morning with my coat over my shoulder, I was running about in it in the afternoon. J and his dad helped brush off my car when I left J’s house with increasingly large snow scraper/brooms. Size matters, etc. Hilarity. My teeny scraper just didn’t stand up.

I love snow. I’m so happy just knowing it’s there.

We (the fam) went over to my grandparents’ flat this evening to watch on Animal Planet. We’ll talk about my Animal Planet obsession/addiction later. It was Steve Irwin’s last filming; the show he was filming when he died. It was wonderful, and bittersweet, and we got to see a lot of really venomous and dangerous animals. And we all know how Steve Irwin felt about dangerous animals.

Animal Planet obsession? I love it. I love Animal Planet. I go over to J’s house, and watch it whenever possible. I love wildlife, and I love animals. J says that the only time Animal Planet is on in his house is when I’m there. My family doesn’t have cable (probably better for everyone), but whenever I’m handed a TV remote where there is cable, I’ll find Animal Planet.

Meow. Over.


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