Progress Meter

So, my progress meter went out of commission. Can anyone help me find a new place to plug in numbers… or better yet, help me with some HTML?

Any takers?

Edit: Found it!
I went searching on for “crafter’s project progress bar” and came up with this site:
It’s cute! You put in the percent progress and it hands you a .png image of a bar, which you save and upload yourself. I made one each from 0% through 100%, which I can now use to my heart’s content.

Thanks everyone!


Tuxedo Cat

Well, these are tiny little buggers.

These are my 1.25 Tuxedo Cats from the Swat Team Kitties pattern from They’re cute! But so tiny!

I honestly did think they’d be MUCH bigger.

Though, at this scale, I can make an army. =D

I want to try to felt before I head to bed… good plan, right?

trips, progress, and new friends

So, this past weekend was a long one, and I went up to J’s school to visit it and him. On Sunday my adorable family came up and we all went to visit Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA.

We visited the library!

Us, out for breakfast Sunday morning.

On the 4 hour drive– attributed mostly to snow; the drive back to get my car was only 3.5– I worked on this…

which is now finished and awaiting a mate.

I broke a needle (bamboo) and filed it to a point again with a nail file. Now, of course, I’ve lost it and am working with 4 instead of 5.

Here, my parents have broken the windshield wipers and are trying to figure out new ones!

In Pittsburgh, of course I didn’t take any pictures of the college, but here’s a picture of a dinosaur wearing a scarf.

Earlier, I had turned the heel on mum’s sock, and have since started working on the pattern of the ankle. The heel was very fiddly and somewhat frustrating, but not impossible. I probably won’t use it again for toe-up socks.


Now I have new friends! This post goes on forever with so many pictures and little talking! I have two new mice, so that’s a total of three. Sparkles:

was joined by two new ones, Cookie (black on top, brown underneath, like a Burger’s Cookie (which are a Maryland phenomenon), and Cowface/Skeekums, who doesn’t actually have a real name yet.

They’re the sweetest! Cookie is very active and runs in the ball on the Hamtrack and around my desk when I let her out. The other two are more shy.

I love pet mice.

More work on the blanket has been done! And soon I’ll get to start some Swat Team Kitties. ^_^

Snow days bring…

Great fruits of labour! Here’s what I did today:

Blanket of Doom!
Click to enlarge. That REALLY SHINY one is light green and soft, like another square that for some reason you can’t see. Trust me on this one.

I worked on this for a few hours today, and I’m so thrilled! By this evening I managed to get all the stitches onto the one needle! Squee! That means I have to add about two more squares before I can start the final edging. After that comes the long process of binding godknowshowmany stitches off, and then I have to weave in ends and sew up some holes.


Mmmm, exotic.

These are my newest obsession. The yarn is my treat from J for Christmas. It’s Qiviut, which is the soft softsoftsoft downy underfur of the Musk Ox. It’s absolutely delicious. I’m working these wrist warmers on size 1s, but I’ve just switched to 0s to do some twisted stitch ribbing at the cuff. So yum! I made them long because I always find gaps between my coats and my gloves.

Also, because I’m clearly a complete moron genius, I will also wear them whilst on my computer in my cold house, because my right (mouse) hand always gets colder than my left (lap/blanket) hand. Surprised? Me neither.

As it is with cameras, the flash shows the color, the non-flash (orangey ones) show the texture more.

Okay, so I didn’t actually work on these today, but yesterday I started increasing for the heel. It’s the reverse of the flap heel; that is, like the top-down flap heel, but worked from the other direction. It’s not the regular flap heel worked from the toe. Blah blah blah. Look at the pattern. Anyway, started increasing. I’m liking this pattern more than I thought I would, actually, because it’s simple enough for class, but still interesting enough that I keep the pattern around. Know what’s the best invention evar? Post-it Picture Paper. I printed the chart on an index-card sized piece, pulled off the backing, and have stuck it to my homework notebook. It’s brilliant.

At any rate, I probably will have school tomorrow, weather willing, so I’d best be off.

Happy snow! And valentines!

Edit: Okay wait, wait. Best search engine term reference ever?
“kitty made out of yarn”

That is all!


So, there I was, knitting along on my blanket, knit knit knit knit knit, giant blanket, when POOF, I’m out of yarn. Totally done! I actually went, “What?!” out loud. Because I’m enthusiastic.

At any rate, Friday night, whilst watching Animal Planet/Discovery Health at my charge’s house (babysitting), I decreased for the top of my banded hat! I suppose it’s sort of based on the Coronet pattern from, but really it was more or less my own. I saw this pattern and went, “Sweet!” and then made it on my own later. Though, I’ll admit to checking the pattern for the cable band before I started. Also, mine has a kind of schrumpy bit in the back where I crossed it once too often (or too few?) before grafting. It was going to be awesome and perfect all the way around, but now it looks kind of funny. It’s not terrible, just odd.

=D Plus, it’s alpaca.

You could stalk me, if you really wanted to. But don’t.

Braid detail.

Begun: Round about January 26, 2007
Finished: February 2, 2007
Yarn: Classic Elite “Miracle” (alpaca) in light blue and light purple; a Christmas gift from my sister. So lovely! Splendid to knit. Soooofffttt.
Needles: Size 5 (US) circulars (x2 for the top)
Pattern: Based on Coronet from

Cast on 17 stitches: k2, p2, k9, p2, k2.
Row 3: k2, p2, c6f, k3, p2, k2.
Row 7: k2, p2, k3, c6b, p2, k2.
I’m pretty visual. Basically you always make the outside “strand” go overtop of the inside one. Like a braid.

The band ended up about 23 inches long, and I grafted the two ends together (after picking out my initial cast on, which was not provisional as it probably should have been). I picked up 82 stitches, upside down (so the band would fold up), and knit forevar.

Then I k2tog, [k7, k2tog] around.
[K6, k2tog] around.
[K5, k2tog] around.
[K4, k2tog] around.
[K3, k2tog] around.
[k2tog] around.
[k2tog] around again. 9 stitches left. Thread needle, pull yarn through stitches, pull tight. Quite simple.

Notes: I love this hat so far. =D

Me being artsy. Or blurry. Whatever.


I got this in the mail from Ezri_B today (from the OTT10 swap)! It’s a travel knitting kit, and is splendid! It’s adorable, and I love it. Also, I love the color. It’s so professionally done! Squee!

She included some needle tips, a pair of mini-scissors (perfect!), a darning needle in the needle-felt, and some absolutely beautiful stitch markers. Everything is just so lovely!

I’ve petted it and filled it with all my needles and stitch markers and yay! *purr*

blogger (silent) poetry reading

This poem comes back to me every time I’m told to think of my favourite poem.  I’m not sure why I like it so much, but it’s the only one I look for in my family “Great American Poetry” book.  And I’m not even the least bit religious.

The Hell-bound Train

A Texas cowboy lay down on a barroom floor,
Having drunk so much he could drink no more;
So he fell asleep with a troubled brain
To dream that he rode on a hell-bound train.

The engine with murderous blood was damp
And was brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp;
An imp, for fuel, was shoveling bones,
While the furnace rang with a thousand groans.

The boiler was filled with lager beer
And the devil himself was the engineer;
The passengers were a most motly crew–
Church member, atheist, Gentile, and Jew,

Rich men in broadcloth, beggers in rags,
Handsome young ladies, and withered old hags,
Yellow and black men, red, brown, and white,
All chained together–O God, what a site!

While the train rushed on at an awful pace–
The sulphurous fumes scorched their hands and face;
Wider and wider the country grew,
As faster and faster the engine flew.

Louder and louder the thunder crashed
And brighter and brighter the lightning flashed;
Hotter and hotter the air became
Till the clothes were burned from each quivering frame.

And out of the distance there arose a yell,
“Ha, ha,” said the devil, “we’re nearing hell!”
Then oh, how the passengers all shrieked with pain
And begged the devil to stop the train.

But he capered about and danced for glee,
And laughed and joked at their misery.
“My faithful friends, you have done the work
And the devil never can a payday shirk.

“You’ve bullied the weak, you’ve robbed the poor,
The starving brother you’ve turned from the door;
You’ve laid up gold where the canker rust,
And have given free vent to your beastly lust.

“You’ve justice scorned, and corruption sown,
And trampled the laws of nature down.
You have drunk, rioted, cheated, plundered, and lied,
And mocked at God in your hell-born pride.

“You have paid full fair, so I’ll carry you through,
For it’s only right you should have your due.
Why, the laborer always expects his hire,
So I’ll land you safe in the lake of fire,

“Where your flesh will waste in the flames that roar,
And my imps torment you forevermore.”
Then the cowboy awoke with an anguished cry,
His clothes wet with sweat and his hair standing high

Then he prayed as he never had prayed till that hour
To be saved from his sin and the demon’s power;
And his prayers and his vows were not in vain,
For he never road the hell-bound train.


OTT10 Swap Item

There I go, showing off again. I finished my swap clutch for the Ony Tiny Thing swap, and managed to pack it up before I took pictures. I know I also have to take pictures of my Project Spectrum stuffs, but I’ll do that in a second.

So here it is, my little pouch:

Begun: Approx. January 16, 2007
Finished: January 28, 2007
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, in a purple/blue/green blend (color 147, yum!)
Needles: Size 8 (US) circulars
Pattern: I used the entrelac instructions from the Danica scarf pattern, and only did two repeats or so.

Notes: I knit the pouch and then planned to line it with a green suede-like fabric (out of which I have a cape my mommy made). So I trotted down to the basement to use the sewing machine to discover that the needle was still broken. T_T So I went back up to my room and spent the day handsewing in the lining. I’m not very good at hand stitching, so the lining and the construction of the pouch are a little bit crazy, and the zipper went in wonky (because apparently I have no spacial relation skillz), but I really like it. I was pleased.

And my partner loved it! I was worried that she’d be like “This is all wonky!” but she liked it a lot. Yay!

It was also about 2 inches larger than the maximum requirement (4″ by 4″, it was a tiny thing swap), but it’s all good. It’s a cute little thing. Plus also i-cord wrist strap. Whee!