OTT10 Swap Item

There I go, showing off again. I finished my swap clutch for the Ony Tiny Thing swap, and managed to pack it up before I took pictures. I know I also have to take pictures of my Project Spectrum stuffs, but I’ll do that in a second.

So here it is, my little pouch:

Begun: Approx. January 16, 2007
Finished: January 28, 2007
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, in a purple/blue/green blend (color 147, yum!)
Needles: Size 8 (US) circulars
Pattern: I used the entrelac instructions from the Danica scarf pattern, and only did two repeats or so.

Notes: I knit the pouch and then planned to line it with a green suede-like fabric (out of which I have a cape my mommy made). So I trotted down to the basement to use the sewing machine to discover that the needle was still broken. T_T So I went back up to my room and spent the day handsewing in the lining. I’m not very good at hand stitching, so the lining and the construction of the pouch are a little bit crazy, and the zipper went in wonky (because apparently I have no spacial relation skillz), but I really like it. I was pleased.

And my partner loved it! I was worried that she’d be like “This is all wonky!” but she liked it a lot. Yay!

It was also about 2 inches larger than the maximum requirement (4″ by 4″, it was a tiny thing swap), but it’s all good. It’s a cute little thing. Plus also i-cord wrist strap. Whee!

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