Snow days bring…

Great fruits of labour! Here’s what I did today:

Blanket of Doom!
Click to enlarge. That REALLY SHINY one is light green and soft, like another square that for some reason you can’t see. Trust me on this one.

I worked on this for a few hours today, and I’m so thrilled! By this evening I managed to get all the stitches onto the one needle! Squee! That means I have to add about two more squares before I can start the final edging. After that comes the long process of binding godknowshowmany stitches off, and then I have to weave in ends and sew up some holes.


Mmmm, exotic.

These are my newest obsession. The yarn is my treat from J for Christmas. It’s Qiviut, which is the soft softsoftsoft downy underfur of the Musk Ox. It’s absolutely delicious. I’m working these wrist warmers on size 1s, but I’ve just switched to 0s to do some twisted stitch ribbing at the cuff. So yum! I made them long because I always find gaps between my coats and my gloves.

Also, because I’m clearly a complete moron genius, I will also wear them whilst on my computer in my cold house, because my right (mouse) hand always gets colder than my left (lap/blanket) hand. Surprised? Me neither.

As it is with cameras, the flash shows the color, the non-flash (orangey ones) show the texture more.

Okay, so I didn’t actually work on these today, but yesterday I started increasing for the heel. It’s the reverse of the flap heel; that is, like the top-down flap heel, but worked from the other direction. It’s not the regular flap heel worked from the toe. Blah blah blah. Look at the pattern. Anyway, started increasing. I’m liking this pattern more than I thought I would, actually, because it’s simple enough for class, but still interesting enough that I keep the pattern around. Know what’s the best invention evar? Post-it Picture Paper. I printed the chart on an index-card sized piece, pulled off the backing, and have stuck it to my homework notebook. It’s brilliant.

At any rate, I probably will have school tomorrow, weather willing, so I’d best be off.

Happy snow! And valentines!

Edit: Okay wait, wait. Best search engine term reference ever?
“kitty made out of yarn”

That is all!



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