trips, progress, and new friends

So, this past weekend was a long one, and I went up to J’s school to visit it and him. On Sunday my adorable family came up and we all went to visit Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA.

We visited the library!

Us, out for breakfast Sunday morning.

On the 4 hour drive– attributed mostly to snow; the drive back to get my car was only 3.5– I worked on this…

which is now finished and awaiting a mate.

I broke a needle (bamboo) and filed it to a point again with a nail file. Now, of course, I’ve lost it and am working with 4 instead of 5.

Here, my parents have broken the windshield wipers and are trying to figure out new ones!

In Pittsburgh, of course I didn’t take any pictures of the college, but here’s a picture of a dinosaur wearing a scarf.

Earlier, I had turned the heel on mum’s sock, and have since started working on the pattern of the ankle. The heel was very fiddly and somewhat frustrating, but not impossible. I probably won’t use it again for toe-up socks.


Now I have new friends! This post goes on forever with so many pictures and little talking! I have two new mice, so that’s a total of three. Sparkles:

was joined by two new ones, Cookie (black on top, brown underneath, like a Burger’s Cookie (which are a Maryland phenomenon), and Cowface/Skeekums, who doesn’t actually have a real name yet.

They’re the sweetest! Cookie is very active and runs in the ball on the Hamtrack and around my desk when I let her out. The other two are more shy.

I love pet mice.

More work on the blanket has been done! And soon I’ll get to start some Swat Team Kitties. ^_^


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