Journal (hint to a swap pal? maybe?)

Hee, don’t be pressured, you.

But anyway, I want this! It’s so beautiful and cool!

Go look.

How lovely is that? Her stuff is so neat and eco-friendly. I love the idea of a recycled paper journal.


I have been knitting… and running… and doing lots of school work.  I’ll post pictures soon, I promise, once I get them off the camera.


Oh wow, so, I’ve actually been blogging for a year. Not on this blog (though mind you I got confused), but about knitting, certainly. I posted my first post in my old Blogger blog on March 8th, 2006. So, this isn’t an occasion to get excited over, but hey. Cheery!

Today I worked on S’s iPod cozy and finally finished it. It needed a few finishing touches, and I finally went ahead and did them. I’ll put pictures up when I remember to take them. I’ve also started the increases for the gusset part of my backwards heel-flap heel on the Diamante socks for mum.

The blanket sits unattended in my old desk chair, waiting for it’s last 10 rows in black Lion’s Brand chenille that I don’t have. I got some from K at the knitting group (2 whole balls!), but it’s run out. Ridiculous blanket. It’ll be done soon. I want it done before Friday at least so I can take it to the beach and do the weaving in ends and things. And so on.

Yup. Also I’m playing with blog themes, so excuse the random changes.

new Knitty!

Guys! Best day ever! Snow, no school, and a new knitty issue! Hooray!

I want to knit these. Pretty!

I’ve spent today working on the blanket, some, and also on a sample sock for Lovelyarns in Classic Elite “Star” in pink and yellow. The cuff is pink, the leg is yellow with some random pink stripes, and so far the heel is pink. The foot will be equally randomly striped, and the toe will be pink. Cute!

Spring Sock 1
Spring Sock 2

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the extra, but maybe I’ll ask Sue.

I also watched two episodes of The Wire, set in Baltimore. It’s pretty depressing that I never, ever see this side of town… but at the same time very reassuring. And I’m okay with that. The show is good, though, and the woman who plays Greggs is the mother of a girl who used to be in my class (she’s nice), and Daniel’s wife used to be my dance teacher. =D Small world.

Good times. And now I’ll do some work, I suppose.