Oh wow, so, I’ve actually been blogging for a year. Not on this blog (though mind you I got confused), but about knitting, certainly. I posted my first post in my old Blogger blog on March 8th, 2006. So, this isn’t an occasion to get excited over, but hey. Cheery!

Today I worked on S’s iPod cozy and finally finished it. It needed a few finishing touches, and I finally went ahead and did them. I’ll put pictures up when I remember to take them. I’ve also started the increases for the gusset part of my backwards heel-flap heel on the Diamante socks for mum.

The blanket sits unattended in my old desk chair, waiting for it’s last 10 rows in black Lion’s Brand chenille that I don’t have. I got some from K at the knitting group (2 whole balls!), but it’s run out. Ridiculous blanket. It’ll be done soon. I want it done before Friday at least so I can take it to the beach and do the weaving in ends and things. And so on.

Yup. Also I’m playing with blog themes, so excuse the random changes.



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