Monkey and Pomatomus

Now of course, because I am a terrible blogger, I have no pictures yet of any finished objects. But I have pictures of partly-finished objects.

My first Monkey sock! It’s a beautiful sock and I’m very fond of it. I knit it in about 4 days while visiting colleges and then started on the second one. The second one has met this unhappy demise:

Ran out of yarn. I’ll have to go down to Lovelyarns sometime soon and find a similar dye-set in Schaefer Anne to finish these. I loves them.

Also the ankle will have to be longer on Monkey #2.

Here is the first Pomatomus sock, in progress:

And here it is finished (and blurry):

The yarn is KnitPicks Dye-Your-Own that I dyed with KoolAid in green/blue and red. I spent the whole time knitting this sock cutting out the red. The inside is full of knots, but I simply don’t care. I think I like the sock. The second one is on hold because I got bored.

Instead, I’m knitting these:

for S, whose hat (remember this?) looked like a nipple on top. She wasn’t going to wear it, so she asked for legwarmers. I hope she’ll wear these. If not, I don’t really care. They’re quite a bit longer now, but she has a 14″ knee-to-ankle length, so I have a bit to go yet.

And that’s what’s in progress!

J is being lazy and won’t take pictures of the Blanket for me, so I’ll get them on Saturday. And the Diamantes are in the wash, mum says.


  1. Wow, your socks look fabulous! I have just discovered that I think I’m destined to become a crazed sock knitter, because they’re small and fast and sock yarn is pretty. 😉

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