Ups and Downs

Good parts this week:

Legwarmers finished (maybe). Have to get S to try them on.

Second Pomatomus sock started during rehearsal today, which fit splendidly with Project Spectrum for this month (green, pink, yellow). I’m going to be working on a gray sweater soon, so there I go breaking it again, but I love the inspiration it provides. Plus, what could be more perfect for the spring?

More work on the Qiviut wrist-warmers.

THEN! OMGz0rz. My swap partner from the Lime & Violet yarn pr0n swap sent me the most beautiful fiber! Not yarn, fiber! She also included a drop spindle, having picked up on the fact that I didn’t spin, but might want to learn soon. So I’ve spent the last two days figuring out how it works, and I have my first mini skein, plied on itself (Navajo plied?), sitting here. I keep skeining and and unskeining it and it’s great. It’s all lumpy and crazy and uneven and unattractive, but I do love it!

From handspun

Lookit my pictures. =D I’m excited.

Bad parts of this week:
Rehearsal sucks. It’s long and boring and I can’t get work done. Either I can’t manage or I can’t stand to. Either way, no work. Some knitting, but no school work. We have Good Friday off from school, but we have rehearsal, 9:00 to 3:30 anyway, and again on Saturday, 10:00 to 3:30. Then I teach my sock class, and then I’m off to Dickinson. Yay!

And, our cat went missing. She’s been known to wander off some and come back a few days later, but we always get worried. We hoped she’d be back by now. The problem is that she doesn’t go out much anyway, so mom got her to come outside when it was warm on Monday or Tuesday, I think, and she didn’t go back inside. So I took some “Missing: feline” posters out to the neighbourhood, and we go for a “cat walk” every day, but so far no luck.

If you see her…


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