Stealth Photographing

Not really, I guess… during the show I didn’t have time to find our camera and take pictures of the $1.50, so I used M as she took pictures of the cast and held up my knitting a lot. She liked pictures of me knitting. O_o


There’s me, my sister, and another girl in the cast. Oh, and the sweater, approximately 15″ along.

Teehee. Fun show. Fun sweater.

Remind me to show off my spinning, too, which has improved. Pre-drafting helps a lot. Yay!



  1. The cardigan is looking great!

    Pre-drafting is a step unto itself – I’ve gotten into the habit of doing all the pre-drafting first and having a basket of it ready to go before starting to spin. Goes a lot faster that way ;o)

  2. hi there,

    this is way off topic and possibly (but i hope not) a little weird. anyhow, i tripped over your blog while trying to find out what’s going on with lovelyarns on 36th and noticed you teach the sock class there. i can never seem to make the weekend times and wondered if you do private sock lessons at all? i’m dying to learn to make socks, and i want to get started but my weekends are rather hectic. would you ever consider meeting at a coffee shop or something for an hour here or there to show me enough to get going?

    thanks, and sorry to digress on your spinning page.

    kerry 🙂

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