I just wanted to post really quick and say how AWESOME Ravelry is. It makes me so happy! I’ve catalogued lots of my stash (the good stuff– I haven’t quite gotten to the random and acrylic stuff) and a handful of my projects. It’s a good excuse to use my Flickr account, which I wasn’t using much otherwise.

I’m a huge fan. The creators, Jess and Casey, are doing wonders, and every day there’s a new update to look at or find in passing. Plus there’s already lots of activity in the forums, and tons of people using and updating every day. It’s delightful. There’s opportunities to show off stash, and also to sell/trade or indicate that you’ve tossed it. You can show projects you have finished, are working on currently, are hibernating, or that you’ve frogged (complete with an “ugh!” label, very cute).

I think it’s splendid. I’ve spent a lot of this recovery time (okay, okay, and time before that too) messing around and updating things and putting pictures on it.

It’s still in beta-form, but users are getting added little by little every day. Go sign up for the waiting list if you haven’t already (but why on earth haven’t you?!?!). I was surprised and pleased when my invite came.


I can’t wait until the end of the year when I can play on it lots without feeling guilty or like my homework might be suffering. Just a few more projects! Just a few more!

My plant might be dead.


7 random things

yarngeek tagged me the other day…

1. I had my appendix removed Monday, May 28th, 2007. Yeah, yesterday. More about that later!

2. Haverford College is my top choice evar. I want to go there. I’m applying early decision next fall.

3. I like cats way more than dogs, but I like grayhounds a lot, and if I had to get a dog I might want once of those. Or a beagle. But I really do prefer cats. I could put up with a bunny, though, if I can’t get a cat. ^_^

4. I like Chemistry, but I dislike my Chemistry teacher. I take this as a good sign that I will do fairly well in college taking lots of Chemistry-type courses, because I still like the Chemistry. That’ll help with me wanting to be a doctor and all.

5. I love being organized. I organize things all the freaking time. I love reorganizing my desk, making it tidy, and I love organizing my locker at school. I also like organizing my yarn stash, my needles, my books, my homework “in” and “out” locations, my computer files, my t-shirts (they’re hung up, of all things), and my jewelry and morning accoutrement. I love tidying. Someday, I want to totally rearrange my bedroom furniture, but only after I find myself a suitable (i.e. perfect) knitting chair.

6. I’m really bad at getting motivated to run, but I never dislike it once I’ve started. I play Frisbee to get out of running somewhat, but I always forget how not-so-bad it is once I get going. I do like running, and I like being in shape, but I’m terrible at getting motivated.

7. I like knitting things for other people. I always want them to be perfect, but if I get tired of them, I can give them away and only have to encounter them occasionally. Of course, I want to encounter them more than “occasionally,” which is why I bug J about wearing my socks all the time, but I do love seeing my things off to the hands of my loved ones.

I promise to go into more detail about having an appendectomy. Apparently they’re rather more likely to happen at this point in my life than any other. Guess I’m glad I got it over with…? Meh?

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I’m so uninventive.

I suppose…

an update would be appropriate? Let’s start at the top of my priority list!

Tomorrow, I have an AP European test. That is, the AP test itself. That is, the 3+ hour test that determines whether I get to place out of a history class in college. I do like history (why else take an AP course?), but I’d like to focus on the science, plzkthx. So, even though I don’t feel like I’ll do terrifically well, I’m still optimistic, because I don’t have to be AMAZING to get a 4 or so. I doubt a 5 is in my future, but I can try for a 4. It might work out.

Second on the list are my Monkey socks! I phoned Maeve last night and (very sneakily) asked her for her foot length. Did you know that the length from elbow to wrist is (generally) the same as the length of your foot? It’s true! So now I know her feet are about my size and I can knit this sock confidently. That said, I have already reached the toe decreases for the first sock and have already cast on the second (because I was waiting for her to call me back). This pattern is such a freakin’ awesome fast knit. Plus it’s beautiful, and this yarn is amazing. I love it.

The yarn, by the way, “Dusky Aurora”, is so beautiful. I picked it up thinking it was just a wine red, but these blues and greens and purples keep coming out under the red tone, and they are splendid.

Third, I have not bitten my nails for 24 days now, officially, which means they will be beautiful for prom! Yay! I might actually break this habit after all. I’ve tried everything, just FYI. Polish, nasty-tasting polish, band-aids, filing them, a rubber band on my wrist, a hypnotist. Everything. Now it’s pure conviction that’s getting me through. Irony? Maybe. But I’m doing it. My goal is 60 days, and then I get a prize (what, I don’t know). Go me! Look’it my 101 in 1001 page if you’re confused.

And just so you know, the $1.50 is not gone, just stalled. I have to find time to order 2 more balls of yarn from KnitPicks.com. I want it finished!

I guess I ought to review some more.

Comment! Lurkers! I know you’re there!

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More Sheep and Wool!

Well, there I was at Sheep and Wool. It was great! So exciting! So many sheep! So much wool! Also alpacas and llamas and all kinds of lovely things. First I will offer up…

sheep pictures!

Sheep show.

This was a cute sheep. =D


Look, llamas!

They’re not looking at me, so I won’t look at them.

These are alpacas. They were all shorn!

Here I am knitting on the $1.50 sleeves. I ran out of yarn today in class. >.< Crap. Now I have to get more or figure out if my sleeves are wrong. Rawr.

I was at the Show Pavillion at 1 PM. Where were you, knitblogger? I saw Coleen later and she said she and Erin were there, but I didn’t see them. We must’ve missed each other. Coleen was wearing her very stylish Arwen sweater, which I admit I recognized before I recognized her. O_o

Oh look, I brought my mum along.

…And I met this sheep.

And now for loot goodies:

Dream in Color, Gaia Sock. This is intended Thuja socks for J’s father. Their family is taking me to Spain this summer (squee!) and in return they wanted socks.

Also Dream in Color, their “Smooshy” sock yarn in Dusky Aurora. =D I had to have it. This one’s for Monkey socks for J’s sister. Did I mention I’ve given up hope on finding another skein of that perfect Schaefer Anne, and will therefore be abandoning and frogging my 1.5 Monkey socks? Well, I will. But I love the pattern, and this yarn is beautiful, and I’ve already started knitting it (when I ran out of sweater yarn). Yay!

This one’s Oasis Yarns Seduction in Olive. It’s silk. Yum! I haven’t yet picked a project for this one (I’m thinking maybe Vinnland from the (new!) AntiCraft mag, or something simple like the Jaywalkers to show off the color. It’s lovely. It’s an olive green mixed with a darker green, and it’s very pretty.

Then I got this “Mystery Bump” of fiber. My mum bought it for me. ^_^ I’m going to practice spinning some more with the fiber I got from my LimenViolet Yarn Pr0n swap pal (thanks again Emily!) and then I’ll take this on. Excited!

And finally, I found these 4 beautiful Pewter buttons for my $1.50. They’re pretty, and they’re big enough. I love them already. =D

Also I love my camera’s macro setting.

And that was the day! Then I went home, did some work, puttered around, watched “A Man For All Seasons” about Thomas More, and went to bed. It was a good day.

Sheep and Wool

Maryland Sheep and Wool today! I will be there! Hooray! My mommy and I are going. =D I’m gonna try to make it to the blogger meet-up by the Pavillion at 1PM.

Maybe a ball-winder.
Sock yarn!
Maybe sweater yarn, if I find it?
One skein of something exotic or unique.
(omg) Fiber?



I finished the fronts of the $1.50 last weekend and blocked it on my bed while I visited J overnight. I was a little apprehensive, and the sweater smelled funny wet, but when I got home Sunday evening it was flat and smooth and dry and beautiful! I had attached the fronts to the back, so I wore it around like a stole for a bit. It was lovely.

Now I’ve got about 15″ of the sleeves done, and I need to knit a total of 20.5″ before I start decreasing for the sleeve cap. Excited! My mum, apparently, has knitted loads of sweaters in her life (she claims one sweater per show in her theater days, which I believe) so she can help me with the seaming and all that good stuff.


Everything is going well. School is ridiculous and hard, but I think I’ve reached the breakthrough point where it will get easier (or not get harder, anyway) after this. Which is good. Mostly it’s turning in my term paper on War Medicine that’s the most relieving. Although Chemistry is still kicking my butt.

Next Friday I get to bring J home for the summer for good, and then I think I can make it through the rest of the year. Yay!

Now sleep.

EDIT because it’s hilarious:

Last night I had a dream where I was having trouble trying to read the Thelonious sock pattern by Cookie A., and in my brain I said to myself, “I shouldn’t knit while I’m sleeping.”