I finished the fronts of the $1.50 last weekend and blocked it on my bed while I visited J overnight. I was a little apprehensive, and the sweater smelled funny wet, but when I got home Sunday evening it was flat and smooth and dry and beautiful! I had attached the fronts to the back, so I wore it around like a stole for a bit. It was lovely.

Now I’ve got about 15″ of the sleeves done, and I need to knit a total of 20.5″ before I start decreasing for the sleeve cap. Excited! My mum, apparently, has knitted loads of sweaters in her life (she claims one sweater per show in her theater days, which I believe) so she can help me with the seaming and all that good stuff.


Everything is going well. School is ridiculous and hard, but I think I’ve reached the breakthrough point where it will get easier (or not get harder, anyway) after this. Which is good. Mostly it’s turning in my term paper on War Medicine that’s the most relieving. Although Chemistry is still kicking my butt.

Next Friday I get to bring J home for the summer for good, and then I think I can make it through the rest of the year. Yay!

Now sleep.

EDIT because it’s hilarious:

Last night I had a dream where I was having trouble trying to read the Thelonious sock pattern by Cookie A., and in my brain I said to myself, “I shouldn’t knit while I’m sleeping.”

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