More Sheep and Wool!

Well, there I was at Sheep and Wool. It was great! So exciting! So many sheep! So much wool! Also alpacas and llamas and all kinds of lovely things. First I will offer up…

sheep pictures!

Sheep show.

This was a cute sheep. =D


Look, llamas!

They’re not looking at me, so I won’t look at them.

These are alpacas. They were all shorn!

Here I am knitting on the $1.50 sleeves. I ran out of yarn today in class. >.< Crap. Now I have to get more or figure out if my sleeves are wrong. Rawr.

I was at the Show Pavillion at 1 PM. Where were you, knitblogger? I saw Coleen later and she said she and Erin were there, but I didn’t see them. We must’ve missed each other. Coleen was wearing her very stylish Arwen sweater, which I admit I recognized before I recognized her. O_o

Oh look, I brought my mum along.

…And I met this sheep.

And now for loot goodies:

Dream in Color, Gaia Sock. This is intended Thuja socks for J’s father. Their family is taking me to Spain this summer (squee!) and in return they wanted socks.

Also Dream in Color, their “Smooshy” sock yarn in Dusky Aurora. =D I had to have it. This one’s for Monkey socks for J’s sister. Did I mention I’ve given up hope on finding another skein of that perfect Schaefer Anne, and will therefore be abandoning and frogging my 1.5 Monkey socks? Well, I will. But I love the pattern, and this yarn is beautiful, and I’ve already started knitting it (when I ran out of sweater yarn). Yay!

This one’s Oasis Yarns Seduction in Olive. It’s silk. Yum! I haven’t yet picked a project for this one (I’m thinking maybe Vinnland from the (new!) AntiCraft mag, or something simple like the Jaywalkers to show off the color. It’s lovely. It’s an olive green mixed with a darker green, and it’s very pretty.

Then I got this “Mystery Bump” of fiber. My mum bought it for me. ^_^ I’m going to practice spinning some more with the fiber I got from my LimenViolet Yarn Pr0n swap pal (thanks again Emily!) and then I’ll take this on. Excited!

And finally, I found these 4 beautiful Pewter buttons for my $1.50. They’re pretty, and they’re big enough. I love them already. =D

Also I love my camera’s macro setting.

And that was the day! Then I went home, did some work, puttered around, watched “A Man For All Seasons” about Thomas More, and went to bed. It was a good day.


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