I suppose…

an update would be appropriate? Let’s start at the top of my priority list!

Tomorrow, I have an AP European test. That is, the AP test itself. That is, the 3+ hour test that determines whether I get to place out of a history class in college. I do like history (why else take an AP course?), but I’d like to focus on the science, plzkthx. So, even though I don’t feel like I’ll do terrifically well, I’m still optimistic, because I don’t have to be AMAZING to get a 4 or so. I doubt a 5 is in my future, but I can try for a 4. It might work out.

Second on the list are my Monkey socks! I phoned Maeve last night and (very sneakily) asked her for her foot length. Did you know that the length from elbow to wrist is (generally) the same as the length of your foot? It’s true! So now I know her feet are about my size and I can knit this sock confidently. That said, I have already reached the toe decreases for the first sock and have already cast on the second (because I was waiting for her to call me back). This pattern is such a freakin’ awesome fast knit. Plus it’s beautiful, and this yarn is amazing. I love it.

The yarn, by the way, “Dusky Aurora”, is so beautiful. I picked it up thinking it was just a wine red, but these blues and greens and purples keep coming out under the red tone, and they are splendid.

Third, I have not bitten my nails for 24 days now, officially, which means they will be beautiful for prom! Yay! I might actually break this habit after all. I’ve tried everything, just FYI. Polish, nasty-tasting polish, band-aids, filing them, a rubber band on my wrist, a hypnotist. Everything. Now it’s pure conviction that’s getting me through. Irony? Maybe. But I’m doing it. My goal is 60 days, and then I get a prize (what, I don’t know). Go me! Look’it my 101 in 1001 page if you’re confused.

And just so you know, the $1.50 is not gone, just stalled. I have to find time to order 2 more balls of yarn from KnitPicks.com. I want it finished!

I guess I ought to review some more.

Comment! Lurkers! I know you’re there!

Tell me a joke.



  1. I have a joke! Knock-knock. (Who’s there?) Lionel. (Lionel who?) Lionel bite if you put your head in his mouth. 😉

    I didn’t say it was a GOOD joke.

    Good luck with the AP Test. I took one in high school for lit. My school only had three AP Classes, so it was either lit, chem, or calculus. 😛

    I love the new blog them, by the way.

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