7 random things

yarngeek tagged me the other day…

1. I had my appendix removed Monday, May 28th, 2007. Yeah, yesterday. More about that later!

2. Haverford College is my top choice evar. I want to go there. I’m applying early decision next fall.

3. I like cats way more than dogs, but I like grayhounds a lot, and if I had to get a dog I might want once of those. Or a beagle. But I really do prefer cats. I could put up with a bunny, though, if I can’t get a cat. ^_^

4. I like Chemistry, but I dislike my Chemistry teacher. I take this as a good sign that I will do fairly well in college taking lots of Chemistry-type courses, because I still like the Chemistry. That’ll help with me wanting to be a doctor and all.

5. I love being organized. I organize things all the freaking time. I love reorganizing my desk, making it tidy, and I love organizing my locker at school. I also like organizing my yarn stash, my needles, my books, my homework “in” and “out” locations, my computer files, my t-shirts (they’re hung up, of all things), and my jewelry and morning accoutrement. I love tidying. Someday, I want to totally rearrange my bedroom furniture, but only after I find myself a suitable (i.e. perfect) knitting chair.

6. I’m really bad at getting motivated to run, but I never dislike it once I’ve started. I play Frisbee to get out of running somewhat, but I always forget how not-so-bad it is once I get going. I do like running, and I like being in shape, but I’m terrible at getting motivated.

7. I like knitting things for other people. I always want them to be perfect, but if I get tired of them, I can give them away and only have to encounter them occasionally. Of course, I want to encounter them more than “occasionally,” which is why I bug J about wearing my socks all the time, but I do love seeing my things off to the hands of my loved ones.

I promise to go into more detail about having an appendectomy. Apparently they’re rather more likely to happen at this point in my life than any other. Guess I’m glad I got it over with…? Meh?

I tag:
Whoever leaves a comment on this blog. But only the first seven of you! That means you, you lurker!

I’m so uninventive.



  1. Ha I already did this meme, but you can count me if you like. The appendectomy sounds a bit sudden and scary, but I figure if you feel comfortable talking about it like this it probably was ok, Does it at least mean lots of “recovery knitting”?

    PS. I am so glad you ended up liking Walden Two.

  2. I already did the meme, too. 🙂 But I wanted to point out that bunnies are really fantastic little pets. I had the sweetest bunny, Snitch – she used to give kisses, and she even purred!

    Ack! Appendectomy! At least you’ll get to knit while you heal. 😉

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